5 Fashion Tips To Make Your Casual Look Stand Out

Casual styles are great, but they can become boring fast if you don’t try to add some flair to your look. If you’re searching for ways to make your casual look stand out from the crowd, you have plenty of options. In general, you can dress up your existing clothes, add accessories, change your hairstyle, and spice up your manicures.

Get creative with your manicures
Manicure matching with the pattern of the dress

Here’s a more detailed look at some of your best options.

1. Get creative with your manicures

When you do your nails, if you usually paint them a plain color, like red or black or beige, try getting more creative. If you haven’t gone to the nail salon in a while, you might find it interesting and inspiring to get your nails done by a professional nail artist. They can introduce you to so many different styles and you can look around and see what everyone else is having done.

One of the coolest trends currently is magnetic gel polish. This is the type of polish that creates that cat eye look where there’s a reflective line that gets “drawn” down the middle of the nail, but it’s not actually painted that way. After the gel polish is painted onto the nail, the artist moves a magnet over the nail and fine, magnetic particles in the polish move around to form that cool little “cat eye” line.

When you add cat eye nails to any casual outfit, you will definitely stand out from the crowd. However, there are plenty of other options. For example, try painting your nails a brighter color if you’re used to going with dark. Or, add some nail art, like flowers, clouds, or whatever makes you happy.

2. Accessorize

You can never have too many accessories. Whether it’s a bag, bracelets, a necklace, a scarf, or a belt, adding some accessories to your casual outfits will bring them from boring to interesting. The key is to find the right accessories. For instance, a fashionable belt can make you stand out from the crowd, but not every outfit will work with a belt. Sometimes you’re better off sticking with other accessories.

If you don’t know what you want, go to your favorite online retailer and see if they have any fun accessories. Bracelets are always great because you can wear them with anything and they come in literally thousands of different styles so you’ll certainly find something you love.

3. Look for a style you want to emulate

Sometimes the best way to stand out is to look for existing styles to find something you want to emulate. There is truth to the psychology of fashion, so make sure you’re aiming to copy a style that projects the right message to the world. First, figure out if you want to feel creative, powerful, sexy, or edgy (or something else) and find styles that embody that feeling. You can alter each style to fit your personal preferences, but start by targeting the feelings you wish to project out into the world.

4. Ignore current fashion trends

Consider moving in the opposite direction of what everyone else is doing by ignoring current fashion trends. The best way to stand out is to not look like everyone else. For example, if everyone is rushing out to buy bags made by a specific designer, find a bag that looks completely different that was made by a different designer.

You don’t have to be extreme to make your impression, like showing up to parties in full 1970s attire with bell bottoms and a crocheted granny square vest. If that’s your personal preference, there’s nothing wrong with that, but you don’t have to go that far just to stand out. Start small with one element at a time.

5. Customize your existing clothes

Customizing your clothes is often all it takes to stand out and make a solid impression with your casual look. Most people buy their clothes off the rack and wear them even if they don’t flatter them or don’t fit right.

Customization means different things to different people, but overall, it includes tailoring clothes to fit better and adding unique, creative touches. For example, you can get pant cuffs and sleeves hemmed to the proper length, or you can add appliques or other design elements to your clothes. You can even have someone upcycle them into an entirely different piece of clothing that is completely unique.

Wear what makes you feel good
Last, but not least, people stand out most when they wear clothes that make them feel confident and good about themselves. Try wearing clothes that boost your confidence and you will naturally stand out from the crowd.

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