Glamorous Gatherings: Events Showcasing the Most Stunning Costumes in Fashion

Many of us use fashion to express the way we feel. For example, wearing black for mourning is considered normal. However, wearing an all-black outfit is also considered acceptable because Many of us use fashion to express the way we feel. For example, wearing black for mourning is considered normal. However, wearing an all-black outfit is also considered acceptable because it is not only easy to keep clean but it is also an easy way to look elegant. There are also days when bright colors seem apt. Yellow is a good way to convey happiness while pink is a good color for a romantic date night with your significant other.

Big events and occasions are usually the playground of world-famous designers and signature labels. Dresses worn during the Oscars for example, usually generate a lot of buzz. Interviewers are sometimes less interested in the movie and more about the designer.

But it’s not just the Oscars where people wear stunning costumes. Here are other events that attract a lot of fashion and style.


Yes, there is a lot of style and fashion in the world of poker, but it varies depending on the poker type. The development of digital games, made some changes in the field-related fashion trends as well, as online poker tournaments although have the same excitement as the traditional games they do not require any dress code at all. Generally speaking, there is no specific dress code in poker tournaments. However, taking into consideration the location of the tournament can also impact your fashion choices. For example, casino tournaments will require players to wear smart casual or business casual attire for the game. This is because most casinos impose this dress code on their patrons.

Many professional poker players prefer to wear a collared shirt, comfortable pants, and closed shoes during a tournament. They will also wear accessories like watches and rings. Women’s fashion choices tend to be broader with some players sticking to tailored suits while others will wear designer dresses. Many players also wear sunglasses during tournaments. This is because some of them think that wearing one will prevent them from showing their tells. Some players also feel more confident when wearing sunglasses.

Don’t get surprised but another accessory that is becoming common is the headphone. Some players like wearing them because tournaments are noisy and using headphones can minimize the sounds. As already mentioned, online tournaments are casual affairs: You can wear anything you want because nobody will know what you’re wearing.

Lady Gaga arrives for the 2019 Met Gala celebrating Camp: Notes on Fashion at The Metropolitan Museum of Art - Photo by SharpShooter - Depositphotos

Met Gala

The annual Met Gala is another event that gathers a lot of attention. It attracts big names in Hollywood, the fashion industry, recording artists, politicians, and models. Many celebrities wear the most flamboyant outfits to this occasion because there is a theme or dress code that the invitees need to stick to every year.

Many of us have seen singer Rhianna’s 2015 egg dress, Beyonce’s see-through number, and Zendaya’s Jean of Arc chainmail outfit. And it’s not just the women taking fashion liberties. Actor Jared Leto, designer Marc Jacobs, and singer Harry Styles all wore strange costumes to the gala over the years.


If there’s an event that rivals fashion shows, it’s probably the Oscars red carpet. It’s the world’s most-watched red carpet event with the Met Gala being a close second. The awards show has seen a lot of memorable fashion from some of the world’s most famous actors.

However, some celebrities always shine during the Oscar red carpet event. For example, Oscar winner Lupita Nyong’o’s fashion choices are always elegant and timeless. She wore clothes from an Italian fashion house in 2014 and 2022. Natalie Portman’s choices are also timeless and powerful. Her look at the 2012 and 2020 Academy Awards shows were both by a French designer and both of them attracted a lot of attention. As one of the world’s highest-paid actors, Nicole Kidman’s Oscar choices are also noteworthy, particularly the dresses she wore in 1997 and 2007.

Men also attract a lot of attention during the Academy Awards red carpet. Some of the most notable fashions include Pharell Williams’ camo shorts. Knees during the Oscar Awards are rare, even more so because it was Pharell’s. And let’s not forget Billie Porter’s tuxedo gown. It generated a lot of attention simply because it was half tuxedo on top and a black ball gown at the bottom. The suit dress is considered one of the best fashion statements in Oscars history.

New York Fashion Week

Some of the world’s fashion brands congregate twice a year in New York during September and February to celebrate New York Fashion Week. It also takes place in London,  Milan, and Paris.  NYFW is attended by some of the most popular fashion brands in the world.

It’s not just the fashion designers that go to these events. Celebrities also flock to New York not only to see the latest collections but also to get noticed and to network with other celebrities. Some of the most notable actors also attend the event. For example, Katie Holmes is considered a Fashion Week regular. Blake Lively, Priyanka Chopra, and Jennifer Lopez were also seen.

NYFW is a 6-day event and attracts not only A-list celebrities and designers but also the world’s media, stylists, and influencers.

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