The best men's accessories to pair with a suit

A well-fitted suit is a foundation of refined men’s fashion, conveying sophistication and confidence. To truly make a statement though, it’s essential to pair your suit with the appropriate accessories.

Well-fitted suit

Here we take a look at some carefully chosen embellishments that can elevate your ensemble from fine to exceptional, helping you to stand out in any formal or semi-formal situation.

Classic tie or bow tie
The epitome of elegance and the signature accessory to the suit, a classic tie is essential. In fact, suits are specially designed with the tie in mind, with lapels and collars of the shirt serving as frames to the neckwear that run down the chest.

For a contemporary and relaxed look, opt for a slim tie. Alternatively, you could consider a silk tie in a solid colour or subtle pattern to complement the hues of your suit. If you’re feeling daring, why not go for a bow tie? These add a touch of whimsicality to your outfit and work very well for black-tie events.

The key to choosing the right tie or bow tie is to coordinate the colour with your suit while ensuring it contrasts just enough so that it stands out and creates visual interest.

Luxury timepiece
What better way to make a statement than with a luxury wristwatch? A well-chosen timepiece is more than just a function accessory, it’s a reflection of your character and taste. A classic, understated watch with a metal or leather strap can easily complete your suit.

When choosing your watch, you’ll need to consider its size and if it will pair well with your suit. Larger watches are more suited to modern suits, while smaller luxury watches can enhance traditional suits. Similarly, you’ll need to consider whether the colour of the watch complements the tones of the suit as well as the style.

Signature cufflinks
Cufflinks are a modest yet effective way of showcasing your style and refinement. Whether you prefer contemporary designs with distinctive motifs or a traditional cufflink with monogram detailing, they will serve as a statement piece.

Aim to match your cufflinks with other accessories, such as your watch, jewellery, and belt buckle. For example, if your watch and belt buckle are both silver, opt for a pair of cufflinks that are also silver. This way, you create a coordinated look that ties your outfit together effortlessly.

Leather shoes and belt
Completing your ensemble requires the appropriate belt and footwear combination. Only high-quality leather shoes should be worn and should match the colour of the suit. A navy suit works well with black, brown, and tan shoes. A black suit should be paired with black shoes and a brown suit with brown shoes.

A grey or charcoal suit is less formal and so has more flexibility. These types of suits work with most colours of leather shoes but burgundy, in particular, can transform the outfit, breaking up the monotony of the neutral colours. Polishing your shoes is a must, allowing for a sleek appearance.

Coordinating your shoes with your belt in terms of colour and leather finish is important to create a cohesive look. The belt should be well-fitted, not too tight or slack, and should have a simple buckle to add that additional layer of refinement.

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