The Trending Style Of Eyebrow For Men And Women

Everyone has different shapes and styles of an eyebrow, yet some have the same appearance. Almost everyone wants to have a perfectly-shaped eyebrow. Yet, some have chosen to have an eyebrow tattoo in a permanent shape. However, many don't realize this: a perfect eyebrow shape complements the eye shape.

eyebrow slit

However, did you know there's a trending style of eyebrow today? It is an intentional cut called an eyebrow slit. Men and women can mix up their looks by showing the bold and edgy eyebrow slit trend. The origin of this eyebrow style in the 80s and 90s is the hip-hop scene. Yet, the revival of this eyebrow style reappeared in 2020.

Indeed, both men and women can rock this look! The only requirement for this eyebrow cut is confidence and attitude.

What does the eyebrow cut mean?

The intentional shaved gaps of the eyebrow slits in the eyebrows are a style of choice or a form of self-expression. The look of this eyebrow style has been a part of history in hip-hop culture. MC Big Daddy was one of the original wearers in the 1980s, and over the years, the look is associated with gang membership but became a general wear today for no particular purpose.

Eyebrow slits for men

There are two different eyebrow slits for men, namely:
Single slit. The single slit of an eyebrow has more simple ways to adopt the trend, and it is a great way to test this style. One of the most well-known faces wearing an eyebrow cut is Jason Momoa. But, it is not intentional since it is a real scar. What makes this eyebrow cut on the trend is the cool look the wearer generalizes:

1. Manliness

2. Famous Physique

3. Badass vibes

You can try it yourself.

Double slit. You can double up the style with the two eyebrow slits. It is a bolder look that shows one's personality. Keep this in mind, it is always best to keep them the same size and evenly distanced, with the idea of making them look intentional.

Haircut joining plus the eyebrow slits

Both single and double-eyebrow slits can be an added style to your haircut. Take your eyebrow slits to the next level by combining them with how your haircut is. Yet, eyebrow slits work best on styles with short sides of the hair, such as:

1. Undercut

2. Buzz

3. Fade crew

Maintaining the same angle in the hair and brow is the key. Importantly, you must agree with the barber about which eyebrow cut you want. It must be done by a professional barber to make it look naturally-aesthetic and in style, and not like you have a disagreement with the barber or the razor.

Don't limit your budget when you are going for a haircut plus an eyebrow cut. Or else, this will also limit how nicely the eyebrow cut is done. It may sound funny, but this is just for fun. Eyebrow cuts have been on the trend today and it is applicable for both men and women, it is just about the confidence of the wearer.

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