Achieve A Healthier Scalp With The Best Hair Transplant In the UK

Are you noticing thinning spots on your scalp? Are they becoming too noticeable that it is already affecting your self-confidence? If this is already the case, then you may want to consult with hair transplant specialists such as City Clinics so you can be given a treatment right away.

Hair transplant

Keep reading this article to find out more about how hair transplant in the UK works.

Why Consider Hair Transplant In The UK

Hair thinning is a serious issue and one that must be dealt with at the early onset. Not addressing this concern can lead to further damage to your scalp and, ultimately, even worse hair conditions such as baldness.

This condition can be a result of extreme stress, hormonal changes, medication, hair treatments and can even come from family history. But regardless of the cause, hair thinning is a major problem that can affect different aspects of your daily life.

A hair transplant procedure in the UK is one of your best options when it comes to dealing with this dilemma.

Hair transplant clinics in the UK are equipped with the best and most advanced technologies to address hair thinning concerns. That, along with the fact that hair specialists are heavily trained and are guaranteed to have years of expertise and experience so you can be sure that you are in good hands.

Common Types Of Hair Transplant In The UK

Hair thinning and its even more unpleasant cousin- hair loss, can be alleviated by opting for a procedure like a hair transplant. In the UK, there are two common types of hair transplant procedures which will be prescribed to you by a specialist after a thorough examination of your condition.

They will recommend either of the two hair transplant procedures— FUE or FUT—if the patient has severe or substantial hair thinning.

But how are they different from each other? Well, simply put, FUT calls for the removal of a strip of scalp from the donor area, which will serve as the source of the grafts that will be applied to the damaged area.

FUE, on the other hand, is a more delicate method of hair transplantation. With the aid of a specialised punch tool, individual hair follicles are collected rather than a long strip. When the implanted hair comes out, this treatment encourages a more natural renewal of the hair, making it highly recommended.

Key Benefits Of Undergoing Hair Transplant In The UK 

The number one and most obvious benefit of this medical procedure is to prevent and eliminate baldness. As much as everyone is expected to lose hair at some point in our lives, dramatic and significant hair loss and thinning are considered serious problems affecting a person’s self-esteem.

Some patients also come in for a consultation with concerns about their receding hairlines. This is also another condition that can be fixed with the help of a hair transplant.

Undergoing a hair transplant procedure from hair experts such as City Clinics can bring back your lost self-confidence as well as introduce you to a cost-effective surgery that is low maintenance and yet provides the best natural-looking results.

Final Thoughts

In the past, FUT has been used more frequently, but FUE has soon overtaken it as a preferred choice because it is less invasive than FUT.

The idea of hair transplantation can be intimidating and worrisome, even. But with the right clinic, diagnosis and prescription, you can expect great results, which can finally end your hair loss worries and give you another chance at a healthier scalp!

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