Three Ways in Which the Fashion Industry is Embracing Diversity and Inclusion

The fashion world has made big strides in diversity. However, the 2021 State of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in Fashion survey by McKinsey & Company shows that approximately 87.5% of people surveyed do not feel represented in advertising campaigns and fashion shoots, or on the runway. Many brands have aimed to make a true difference through their choice of models and the establishment of diversity and inclusion policies that embrace authentic progress and change. The lingerie sector is one that is shining particularly brightly in this sense, prioritizing body positivity and non-judgmental acceptance in three main ways.

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Empowering Advertisements and Publicity Materials

Gone are the days when lingerie was synonymous with the objectification of women. Today, various brands are publishing campaigns that celebrate all body shapes and sizes. Many are creating dedicated campaigns featuring women of all shapes coming together to emphasize the beauty of the female figure. They are relying on well known models like Tanesha Brown (“the Vitiligo Queen”) and Tatiana Lee (who uses a wheelchair). Many lingerie brands that embrace diversity are doing so through their advertisements, through the presentation of their products on their websites, and of course, by offering various sizes for all items.

Embracing Comfort

Diversity and inclusivity are also about creating products that can be comfortably worn by people of all sizes. Savvy brands are ensuring that their bras, briefs, shorts, and other items are made of comfortable, stretchy materials that are aesthetically pleasing and delightfully soft on the skin all at once. Supportive underwear is far softer as well, with designers looking to remove all vestiges of the adage that “you have to suffer to be beautiful.” Hard metal underwiring, for instance, is being replaced by gel inserts that have a lifting effect without bothering the skin. The vast array of styles also means that buyers can find items that feel great on their skin and go well with the type of garments they wear. If in the past, consumers had to choose between full briefs and G-strings, today, they have so many panty styles to choose from, including thongs, boxers, “boy shorts,” and high-waisted seamless underwear.

Skin Is In

It is hard to believe that, just a decade ago, finding suitable makeup tones could be an incredibly challenging process for people of color. Today, most top makeup brands are catering to all skin tones and the same applies to lingerie, which is definitely in a skin-loving mood. Nude underwear that seems to blend into one’s own skin is all over top fashion magazines. Many would say that celebrities like Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, and Lizzo have done plenty to strengthen this trend, which lends a sophistication to everyday lingerie that has arguably never been seen before.

The lingerie industry is making big advances in terms of embracing diversity and inclusion. Top brands are featuring ads with models of all sizes, skin colors, and shapes. Brands are also ensuring their products are comfortable, giving buyers a wide array of styles and designs to choose from.


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