The Untold Story of Pearl Jewelry

Pearls are undoubtedly one of the most unique gemstones. Their effortless and lustrous beauty makes them the ideal option for jewelry lovers of all ages and with different fashion tastes. Due to their versatility, they can be easily styled with any casual or formal wear and instantly take any outfit to a new level. 

Besides their timeless appearance, there are other reasons why people are so obsessed with this jewelry type. Starting from its history and origin up to its vast symbolism, it shouldn’t come as a surprise why pearls have been revered as one of the world’s most magical gems.

That’s why we decided to write about the untold story of pearl jewelry, elaborating on how they came about on the market, the different types of pearls available today, and why they are an excellent gift choice for any occasion.

The Untold Story of Pearl Jewelry
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History of pearl jewelry

According to history, pearls are believed to have made their first appearance in ancient Greece. The jewelry type was considered so valuable at the time that there were rules which dictated who was allowed to wear them. 

In the early 1990s, pearls became accessible to everyone after the people of Asia discovered how to create cultured pearls. Because real pearls were, and still are harder to find, farmers began producing pearls by manually placing a small nucleus into a living oyster.

This is how we have today perfectly rounded and lustrous pearls resembling the natural Saltwater Akoya pearls or Tahitian pearls found on the market. It is because of this cultivation process that this beautiful gemstone became available and affordable to people of all ages, styles, and preferences.    

Symbolism of pearls

Another thing that is so special about pearls is that they carry symbolism. During ancient times, pearls were often associated with the moon due to their spherical shape. In ancient China, the gemstone was believed to symbolize protection from fire and fire-breathing dragons. In Europe, pearls were the true symbol of wealth, modesty, chastity, and purity.

Today, pearls have even more meanings as they can be found in many colors, each representing something different.

For instance, white pearls symbolize innocence, peace, beauty, and sincerity, while black pearls symbolize independence, mystery, strength, and allure. Pink pearls symbolize good health, generosity, love, loyalty, and kindness.

Types of pearls 

In general, there are four main types of pearls and these are Akoya, Tahitian, Freshwater, and South Sea pearls. Each of these pearl types differs in its shape, size, color, and luster, which are some of the main characteristics pearls are graded by.

For example, the Akoya pearls are the most popular choice among jewelry lovers. They are usually perfectly round in shape and come in smaller sizes compared to other pearl types. They are typically white in color but can be also found with pink, green, and silver overtones. They also have the brightest luster of all cultured pearls. 

The Tahitian pearls are the second most sought-after pearl type. They are the only black pearls on the market that can be found in rather large sizes and unique shapes, including round, baroque, button, pear, and drop. They also have a slightly softer luster than other pearl types.

Pearls as gifts

Ever since their first appearance in ancient times, pearls have long been exchanged as gifts. In the 13th century, the explorer Marco Polo presented Mongolian emperor Kublai Khan with the stunning Arco Valley Pearl. As time went by, we could see other historical pearl gift exchanges between Prince Phillip II of Spain and his bride, Richard Burton and his wife Elizabeth Taylor, and Joe DiMaggio and the beautiful Marilyn Monroe.

Today, pearls are given as thoughtful gifts to women of all ages for birthdays, anniversaries, graduation, and other important milestones. They are given in the form of necklaces, bracelets, and earrings, coming in every shape, size, color, and style.

The Untold Story of Pearl Jewelry
Photo by Hoa Tran from Pexels

If you are a true jewelry lover, then you should definitely include pearls as part of your collection. This unique gemstone has a beautiful history and origin, making it the most beautiful and magical jewelry type on the market today. You can find it in many styles, colors, shapes, and sizes, all of which can suit anyone’s age, skin tone, and taste.

If you want to learn more about pearls, refer to our post and read about the untold story of this timeless gem. 

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