Some Fun Ways Of Exercising With Air Mats At Home

An air track mat lets you perform numerous exercises. When the context is about working out, there are those who love it and those who hate it. But whether you love or hate working out, exercising will fortify your body. It will build your body’s strength properly.  Completing your daily quota of exercises can be a real struggle. With today’s busy and hectic lifestyles, it is impossible to accommodate workouts. Fortunately, you will find plenty of equipment that can help you to stay in shape. Here are some fun ways of exercising with air track mats at home.

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Role of Air Track Mats in your Workout Regime

Air mats offer you great flexibility when you’re exercising. Being versatile, you can leverage air mats for various types of exercises. For instance, with an air mat, you can easily do yoga, Pilates along with other core workouts.
In most cases, these mats boast a durable construction that will last long. You can even inflate or deflate these exercise mats to fine-tune the firmness levels. Another key highlight of the air mats is their cushioned surface.
While performing strenuous and high-impact exercises, it is common to hurt joints and knees. But air mats feature an inflatable surface that minimises impacts.

Using the Air Track Mat as a Launchpad

Air mats are suitable for pursuing many exercises apart from tumbling. For example, you can use an air track mat as a launchpad. By using the air track mat as a launchpad, you can perform gymnastics.

Tossing off the Edge

Nowadays, air mats have rugged edges. This makes them suitable for standing tucks. Ensure that you inflate the air mat for maximum allowable pressure. You should consult the manual to learn about the PSI of air mats.

Ideal for Strength Training

Strength training will help in developing your body’s stamina. Thanks to air mats, you can now practice strength training exercises right at your home. Air mats possess a stable surface for exercises like push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups, etc. Furthermore, they are suitable for flexibility and stretching exercises. And if you are on a budget, buying air mats will be ideal.

Air Mats are Ideal for Tumbling

We all know a little bit about tramp lining for fun and recreation. Tumbling refers to a particular form of gymnastics. It lies somewhere between tram lining and gymnastics.
Nowadays, tumbling is one of the most prominent athletic sports in the world. However, many athletes prefer the air mat for its cushioned surface. Moreover, the surface of the air mats offers additional grip. This allows the athletes to practice tumbling without worrying about injuries.

Jumping Jacks and Air Mats

If you are a beginner, jumping jacks are suitable for you. Jumping jacks are beneficial in helping you lose weight. This exercise also allows you to stay fit. Both kids and adults can perform jumping jacks in the air at any time of the day.

Perfecting Needled Kicks

If you are a professional gymnast, investing in air track mats will be suitable. You can practice hurdle entry into the mat and fine-tune your needled kicks. Needled kicks are ideal for gymnasts to create the perfect balance while performing high-intensity moves.

Practicing Jump Twists on Air Track Mats

Jumping twists are an advanced form of jumping jacks. Note that jump twists are suitable for people with good flexibility and coordination. As the name suggests, a jump twist involves jumping with arms stretched outwards. It also involves twisting the hips in mid-air.
You can effortlessly practice this exercise on an air mat. Air mats possess a cushioned surface that absorbs the impact of your body. Jump twists are also ideal for burning calories as the exercise involves both the lower and upper body parts.

Side-To-Side Hops on Air Mats

Side-to-side hops are ideal for performing on-air mats. The support you derive from an air mat makes these exercises better for your lower limbs. You may experience minimal impact while hopping on the air mat. But you should be careful to avoid unnecessary injuries. Side-to-side hops are ideal for people with reasonable fitness levels.


In these challenging times, practicing yoga will help keep your mind and body fresh. Yoga comprises numerous poses, and you should practice each one carefully to avoid injuries. The primary advantage of using an air mat for yoga is its softness. It protects your joints from injuries and lets you concentrate on yoga.

Tumbling off the Block

You should visit Kameymall and shop for the perfect air mat. The best air mat will assist you in practicing off the block tumbling. Tumbling on an air mat can help professional athletes gain power and momentum.
If you have a home gym, air mats are a staple. You can achieve all types of fitness goals with air track mats. Buy the best air track mats and witness a surge in your overall fitness.

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