5 tips to find the perfect proposal outfit!

After finding a splended engagement ring and a very romantic location, you are almost ready to finally pop the question. All that is left to do is select the perfect proposal outfit. Believe us this is an essential part of the plan, because you definitely need to feel your best for this unforgettable moment.


1. Pockets will come in handy!

Remember this when choosing your proposal outfit: the ring needs to be hidden somewhere in your clothes. You can’t just carry it in your hands if you want to suprise your loved one! So make sure that you wear trousers or a jacket or coat with large pockets. An easier option is to hide it in a backpack or beach bag. That is always a helpful option if your proposal outfit makes it tricky to conceal the ring box.

2. Choose a comfortable proposal outfit

A proposal can be very nerve-racking. That’s why you should wear something that makes you feel calm and comfortable. Don’t forget to try on your proposal outfit, then you don’t have to stress if something won’t fit you or if the ring box won’t be well hidden. Another tip is to make sure that you can kneel in your the proposal outfit. Because we don’t want a rip in your trousers when you just want to pop the question. You can practice kneeling in front of your mirror to see how you are looking and how your proposal outfit is moving.

3. Check the weather!

This moment will be engraved in your heart, so you don’t want to let the weather ruin your special moment, won’t you? That’s why it is so important to check the weather of that special day. If they predict rain, then it’s easier to postpone it but you can always make sure that your proposal outfit can resist all weather. If you choose the second option, you can either wear a raincoat or some extra layers. But keep in mind that your partner (who doesn’t know of anything) also needs tob e prepared for that weather.

4. Opt for Solid Colors

If you are not sure which colors or patterns you want to go for? Opt for solid colors for your proposal outfit! Why? Because busy patterns can distract from the moment. So, play safe and use neutral colors like white, black, grey. Don’t you feel good in these colors? Light blue, navy, burgundy and deep greens are also great options.

5. Be photo-ready

Of course, you want to hire a photographer to capture this once in a lifetime moment! So, you will want to look your absolute best and make sure you have a proposal outfit in which you can move around easily and fit you well. Put those baggy and too-tight jeans away!
Another fun tip that we can give you is to wear matching proposal outfits. You can say that you are going on a date and that she needs to wear that specific outfit. It’s as easy as that!

Have you finally chosen your proposal outfit? Good job! Now you are entirely ready for the biggest moment of your life. We wish you good luck!

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