Is PMP in Demand in the USA?

Do you want to set yourself apart from the crowd in the project management industry? If so, you must know about the PMP Certification Training. The Project management professional certification (PMP) is offered by a Project Management Institute (PMI).

PMP Certification Training

Professionals with PMP® Certification work on the top projects in the leading firms around the globe. However, it's not easy to get one because you need to give an exam for it that requires a great deal of hard work, study and preparation. This advanced and specialized certification has become an important qualification in the global marketplace.

Why Choose PMP® Certification?
Although difficult, a PMP Certification is worth it because it provides access to the best career opportunities in project management. As a professional, it enhances the ability to manage complex projects and difficult conditions in a better way. Some reasons why you need to choose PMP Certification are:

1. It Provides a Global Recognition- A PMP Certificate is globally accepted. So, it allows the professionals to get well-versed with the global format and language for project management. It means that one will not have to learn new norms in new places and they can work in a region with the same relevant global skills. 

2. Better Salary Package- Among the best Project management employment options, most of them require a PMP certificate. At the same time, a professional with a PMP certificate will be given more prominence. It will enhance one's skills, benefit career growth and bring better pay packages.

3. Become a Better Version and An Asset- The difficult exam and complex training will help one become a better professional. It will enhance the skills of a professional and enhance better understanding and knowledge of management of different projects. Moreover, the PMP Certification courses also impart skills and the ability to use the latest management tools and handle projects in a better way. At the same time, it helps one become a skilled, expert and experienced project management professional.

4. Adds Value to the CV- Education and additional Certification are an important part of an employee's CV. It reflects the skills of a professional and helps to grab the best job and project management opportunities in the industrial marketplace. It will make a person a strong prospect when they apply for a job.

5. Connect With Industry Professionals- A PMP certified professional gets an opportunity to connect with the top industry professionals in the industry who have PMP Certification.  They might have similar backgrounds and goals that are helpful to get better opportunities in the industry and learn from others.

So, a PMP® Certification is the best way to showcase the skills, ability and knowledge as a hands-on project management expert. It allows working on challenging yet top projects with prominent companies.

Is PMP in Demand in the USA?
There is no doubt that the PMP Certification has multiple benefits for a project management employee.  But, the question arises whether it has a demand in the USA that offers prominence and more job opportunities? So, the answer is YES. The PMP Certification has a high demand in the United States of America. Forbes reported there has been an 18.6% value increase for PMP certification. In the present competitive industry, the role of project managers has gained incredible significance. For this reason, project managers found themselves on the quest to differentiate themselves from the crowd and ensure better career growth. Consequently, the journey comes towards getting the PMP certificate course.

Normally, a project Manager begins their career journey from the junior post. The more projects they handle over the heats the more experience they get and they climb up different positions and become the project head with better salaries. In contrast, PMP Certification offers a chance to get higher pay packages and better positions after getting this formal PMP Certification within a few years.

So, PMP Certificate is a specialized, renowned and meritorious certificate for project managers. It is an exclusive Certificate for Project management professionals and its high difficulty level makes it prestigious but many candidates are unable to fulfil their aim to get the certificate.

But, there is a strict eligibility criterion for it that requires a 4-year-degree with a clean academic record and 3-year experience of working as a professional project manager for various projects. It means that they must have led some projects to success under their leadership. As per the PMI survey, professionals with a PMI certificate earn 20% more than the average project manager's salary. Along with that, the bureau of labor statistics reported that there will be a 6% rise in project management roles by 6% which means 505,000 new projects. For this, the job outlook for professionals with PMP® Certification will be a lot more.

How to Get a PMP® Certificate?
Project management plays a significant role in different industries and fields. The Certification is prohibited by various project management institutes and learning platforms.  It is the leading and highly desired project management Certification for employees.  It is a testimony that the employee has an advanced level of skills and knowledge that gives them more prominence over others.

It requires a lot of decoration, hard work, knowledge and experience to get the certificate.  Since it has a brighter outlook than others, Knowledge Hut offers a PMP Certification Training course. It allows joining the prominent project managers with a PMP certificate.  It is a premier authorized training partner of PMI.

The PMP Certification Training course from KnowledgeHut offers different features like live sessions from experts, 30 and 60 day study plans, mock tests, simulation tests, exam prep support, doubt clearing sessions and much more.

It is not an essential qualification, but a PMP Certificate can help to boost a career in project management significantly and has a considerably increased worth with multiple benefits. It won't be wrong to say that PMP® Certification can be a benchmark in a project management career for any individual out there.

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