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Spring brings sunshine and flowers, but the weather is often unpredictable, and the temperature fluctuates wildly. Throw in some unexpected spring showers, and dressing for the day becomes a confusing undertaking. It might be 75 degrees during the day, 60 degrees in the evening, and a cool 45 degrees at night. Dressing in layers is a smart bet, and you can play around with layers of color and texture. Incorporating a light cardigan over a short-sleeve shirt or even a button-down long-sleeve shirt left open in the front can help you ward off a sudden chill.

A must-have in spring outfits for women is a light jacket or lightweight coat. A jean jacket is the perfect goes-with-everything classic that you can have on hand for a temperature drop. Another classic staple is the light spring trench coat. You can opt for traditional beige, but if you do, keep some color elsewhere in your wardrobe because without it, a trench coat can look too drab. Now, trench coats come in vibrant colors and perfect spring pastels, and instead of the longer version, opt for one that falls right below the hip, grazing the top of your thighs.

Go-To Separates

This spring, the trend is for matching pattern sets, whether a shirt and shorts set, a shirt with pants, or a skirt. You can wear them matching and stay on-trend, but they're great for mixing with your solid separates. Buy some shorts, pants, and skirts with either contrasting or complementary colors, and you now have multiple outfits with a lot of possibilities. You may already have some solid color pieces in your closet. If wearing it matched, keep your accessories minimal to let the print do the talking.

Spring Trends From the Runway

With the show "Bridgerton" and other period dramas streaming, there's a trend for empire-waist, delicate dresses. Prairie trends from fall and winter are carrying over, with lighter versions of prairie dresses. While mini skirts and maxi dresses still have their place, this season's silhouette is the midi dress, which falls below the knee at about mid-calf. Opt for a midi sundress, and layer it until summer when you can wear it by itself.

This season sees bright colors worn monochromatically for a bold statement or playfully mixed and matched. Pretty pastels are also a timeless look for spring. You can never go wrong with floral patterns in the spring, either. Spring fashion isn't just about trends; it's about finding your sense of style that works for you. Play around with pieces until you find looks that are authentically you. Fashion is about fun and function, so don't be afraid to experiment!

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