6 Engagement Tips You Haven’t Thought Of Yet

Preparing for the big moment when you get down on one knee isn’t something to take lightly. There’s a lot of planning that is usually involved.

6 Engagement Tips You Haven’t Thought Of Yet

From buying an engagement ring to celebrating the big day, here are 6 unique tips:

Don’t Buy Lab-Grown Diamonds

When you’re shopping around for the perfect engagement ring, you might be thinking of alternative ways to save money.

However, you should avoid buying lab-grown diamonds – unless you work with a company that offers 100% renewable energy sources. Lab-grown diamonds can actually be harmful to the environment and don’t have as much value as mined diamonds.

Silicone Wedding Bands

Since we’re on the topic of rings, let’s talk about silicone wedding bands. Getting the right wedding band means considering your lifestyle. If your partner works in construction or does a lot of labor with their hands, a silicone wedding band might be a great alternative. It won’t tarnish or get scratched, and they’re much more affordable.

Capture The Moment Forever

Whether you’re filming it or hiring someone to secretly take photos, you absolutely want to capture this special moment. It’s something you can share on social media with your friends and family, and look back on for years to come.

Think Carefully About The Proposal

Thinking about proposing usually involves a grand gesture filled with romanticism seen in the movies. That doesn’t necessarily mean the person you’re proposing to wants something elaborate, though.

You want to tailor your wedding proposal to your partner. If they don’t like being the center of attention or prefer to have a quiet night at home, then a private, intimate setting may be a better option.

You could also incorporate things they like. For instance, if they’re a big movie buff, you can set up a romantic movie night with all their favorite films. Then, propose underneath string lights, right from the comfort of your own home.

Engagements Don’t Have To Be A Surprise

We’re living in a much more progressive world where people like to talk about the decisions that will impact the rest of their lives. Just because you want to surprise someone with a proposal doesn’t mean you have to.

Communication is one of the key ingredients in a successful relationship and marriage. Engagements can be a decision you both make together through genuine conversation and connection.

Besides, you want to be on the same page. If you’re unsure if the other is ready for marriage, it might be a good idea to discuss it beforehand.

Celebrate The Day Together

Amidst all of the excitement of the big engagement, you may want to jump on the phone and call your parents or post a photo on social media. Hit pause and wait a day or two. Take this time to celebrate in privacy together. Before you know it, everyone will want to talk to you about it or share their opinions about what the wedding should look like. Give yourselves a little privacy to enjoy this incredibly beautiful decision you made to live the rest of your lives together.

Deciding to get engaged is a two-way street. Both people have to be ready to take the next step together. Think carefully about the person you plan to propose to and think about what they would want when making such a big life decision.

Would they want it to be a public grand gesture as a surprise or in the privacy of your home where you both get to talk openly about your future wants? At the end of the day, it’s about starting your family off on the right foot.

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