Different Types of Rollerblades You Can Buy Online

Rollerblading is a fun activity that you can indulge in for leisurely purposes and even athletics. You can skate around the rink with your friends for fun, or you can professionally compete in a competition or race. You can also participate in roller hockey as it combines roller-skating with hockey.


Whether you’re a professional or starting out with roller skating, choosing the right pair of skates is crucial to making your experience as pleasurable and fun as possible. The problem, however, is that there are several kinds of roller blades for men available for anywhere between $40 to $400.

Each kind serves a different purpose and is suitable for different levels of skaters, and it’s important to understand each kind, as it will help you decide which kind of roller skates you need. Here are the different types of rollerblades you can buy:

1. Freestyle skates
Freestyle skating is a type of sport wherein the whole rink is free of any obstacles, meaning you can just enjoy skating without worrying about maneuvering through tricky objects.

A freestyle skate is made for people to casually cruise around the rink without doing any tricks or professional maneuvers. These skates are meant for people who just want to enjoy the activity. If you're going to play a sport wearing these skates, these may not be very convenient.

Unlike other skates, the frame of freestyle rollerblades is shorter for better agility. Some manufacturers also make freestyle skates of such a high quality that you can use them for urban skating as well. So, if you buy a good quality freestyle skate, you can cruise around the city, provided you stay on the pavement and stay away from road traffic and pedestrians.

2. Inline skates
These are the kind of rollerblades that are meant for doing tricks. You can jump, overcome obstacles, glide over pipes, and do other such tricks while wearing these aggressive skates.

Unlike other skates, these inline skates are made from special super-sturdy abrasion-resistant plastic along with a hard metal plate between the boot and the wheels.

When you compare it with other skates, you will notice they have a square-shaped boot. But, if you are hoping to catch some high speeds on these skates, you will be disappointed as they are only meant for doing tricks and rolling aggressively.

You can buy these roller blades for men or women. Additionally, there are also multiple design options to choose from.

3. Recreational skates
These are the most common types of skates bought by people. Amongst the sea of different roller blades, these are the best skates to buy if you are starting with skating. These are the best beginner roller blades.

A recreational roller blade is meant for utmost comfort and safety as the padding is quite well-done on the inside, and the brakes are pre-fit on the skates. The boot has a hard plastic cuff at the back so that new skaters get all the lateral support they need to skate better.

When talking about the closure system, these skates have a strap and a buckle to properly secure the skates to the skater’s feet.

4.Fitness skates
These skates are generally intended for professional skaters. Fitness skates are usually worn by roller hockey or ice hockey players off the rink. They use these skates to practice some of their maneuvers or improve their speed on the rink.

5.Off-road skates
Like biking or driving a car, taking the vehicle off-road makes the activity so much more pleasurable. Off-road rollerblades have large wheels to overcome the bumps on a rough surface.
These skates will enable you to skate faster on any surface. However, since the wheels of these rollerblades are softer, you might have to change the wheels quite often.

So, these are some of the different kinds of roller blades you can buy. Ensure that you buy the right-sized roller blade for you for utmost performance and comfort.

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