Sustainable clothing brands: How sustainable is BRAX?

Due to the need to protect the environment, there is an increase in the sustainable approach in product manufacturing. The objective is to reduce carbon emissions which are the leading cause of climate change. Oil and the apparel industry are the most significant contributors to environmental degradation. However, the latter is making efforts to make the world a better place as brands switch to sustainable clothing.

Sustainable clothing brands: How sustainable is BRAX?

What it entails

More people are conscious of their choices and select products that do not harm the environment. An example is the Brax pants which use fabric free from harmful chemicals and items that harm the environment. Still, the apparel is high-quality, comfortable and affordable. We will be looking at the brand later in our read.

Sustainable clothing entails considering the social and environmental impact when manufacturing the products. It goes beyond the manufacturers' raw materials to focus on the entire process. Sustainable clothing brands will consider the individuals who help with the manufacturing and the product’s life cycle.

Sustainable products reduce the impact of fashion on the environment. It offers a remedy to global warming by ensuring minimal pollution to water and air. As brands adopt the strategy, they will significantly reduce carbon emissions, leading to the greenhouse effect. Although some clothing brands are resistant to adopting the approach, others like Brax are playing their part in making the world a better place.

How sustainable is BRAX?

Brax has been in existence for more than a century. They are known for selling comfortable and fitting pants. However, it wasn’t until 1950 that the first Brax pants were on sale. They were the first apparel you would find with zippers. As time passed, the company looked at ways to manufacture sustainable clothing.

The clothes production follows strict social and environmental standards. Employees work in a safe and healthy environment while not using child labour in the processes. The production gears towards minimizing natural resources consumption. Also, the companies that Brax partners with should comply with the standards. The management audits every workshop for compliance to ensure sustainable apparel production.

The Role of Sustainable Clothing

There are many benefits for clothing brands adopting a sustainable approach to their apparel production. Below are reasons why it is important;

- Reduces carbon emissions: So much pollution happens in the clothing industry. Some raw materials like polyester, nylon and acrylic require significant energy to produce. Sustainable clothing brands will use natural biodegradable materials. It reduces the energy the manufacturers use in the production.

- Less waste: using poor quality raw materials leads to wastage as many people throw away clothes every day. In turn, it leads to pollution and environmental degradation. However, sustainable clothing uses high-quality materials and is durable. It reduces the amount of waste coming from the industry.

- Considers the worker’s welfare: The working environments for sustainable clothing brands are healthy and safe. The companies do not exploit the workers and offer them a fair wage. In addition, the brands do not use child labour in their entire business operations.

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