8 Ways Oxford Shoes Can Enhance Your Dressing Style

The most notable type of men's footwear is the Oxford shoe. Oxford shoes, whether casual or formal, never cease to set a high fashion standard. The Oxford Shoes are basic leather formal shoes for men that are now fashioned to go with a variety of casual dress options. Some of the most well-known "oxford shoe" manufacturers even offer us to personalize them, making this exquisite classic a truly unique and personalized item.

Oxford shoes

Here are 8 different ways that oxford shoes can enhance your dressing style:

1. Classic leather pants:

For an ultimate statement look, just pair up your classic leather pants with your customized oxford shoes for the most eye-catching look!

2. Extra-long jeans:

With superb color combination being followed throughout the outfit you have planned for the day, Oxford shoes can be worn and paired with those extra-long denim jeans which will break right towards the laces. Awesome look, right?

3. Pleated mini skirt:

One of the most classic looks is a cute pleated mini skirt with a long-sleeved skinny fit top! Wear those oxford shoes and be ready for one of the most elegant looks. Add up your accessories as per your choice and make everyone have their eyes on you!

4. Crop denim and skin fit tee shirt:

Choose a slim-fitting tee and pair it with a checked shirt. Choose your favorite cropped denim for the bottoms and match them with suede oxfords! Remember to wear a distinctive pair of socks underneath your cropped denim, as they will be seen from the front. When worn with jeans or smart casuals, blue aviators look fantastic. The suede oxfords will lend a sophisticated touch to your casual ensemble, making it look both sleek and fashionable.

5. Bell bottoms or knit pants:

Bell bottoms will never go out of fashion, mind it! Take your elegant oxford shoes and pair them with the cute bell bottoms or knit pants. Grab your favourite top or tee shirt to put along with it and there you go!

6. Add up some spice:

With the statement Oxford shoes, here's a funky style for you all. A unique black shirt with pineapples all over it coupled with a black classic fit trouser may make a strong fashion statement. Pair this ensemble with Blue Oxfords for a finishing touch, and finish the appearance with a pair of round-framed spectacles. This appearance would be both unique and fashionable at the same time.

7. Floral dress:

A gorgeous white leather variation of the oxford can make any garment feel more casual, including a pretty floral dress, offering a less typical take on the oxford.

8. Classic shirt and jeans combo:

This lookbook features a smart aesthetic that everyone can pull off. It's tough to imagine a shoe that is better than an Oxford!  To get a classy look,  the shoe does not have to be black. Brown oxfords may give just the right amount of flair to a simple look. Grey checkered pants, a white full-sleeved shirt, and a pair of brown leather Oxfords complete this appearance. Wear a pair of unique printed socks for a funky twist!

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