Measures to take for a pet’s healthy life in a flat

Many have dreamed of a dog or a cat for years, but after finally getting a pet, they begin to regret it. Some turn out to be not ready for responsibility, others simply cannot get along with a pet or even worse, have no real commodities for their healthy life. Let's figure out what you need to consider before getting a pet.

1. You have to stick to a new schedule

First of all, especially if you are going to have a dog, you need to walk it twice a day and play or train for at least half an hour. For some breeds, even this is not enough - for example, vigorous huskies need at least three, and preferably four or five hours of active exercise a day. Otherwise, the dog will get bored, gnaw on your traditional sofa set, and even become depressed or sick.

For "regular" dogs, this will still mean that you’ll have to get up earlier and be sure to return home in the evening. With cats, things are simpler, but they also need to have a feeding and play schedule - although it may be convenient for some to dump a bunch of dry food into a plate and leave for a few days. Still, this will not help the pet's well-being at all.

2. Time to change habits

Some believe that only the birth of a child can truly change life, and a pet is just "preparation". But if you think this way, it is better to think again before getting a cat or a dog: to take care of them , you will have to change not only the regime, but also your habits.

It will also be necessary to adapt the flat, especially while the pet has not yet mastered the basics of training. It won’t be possible to just leave food on the table, or bed. Moreover, garbage bags will have to be hidden in a bucket with a lid, otherwise, you're bound to find scraps of trash all over the flat and then deal with a dog or cat poisoning.

If you are going to have a bird, you may have to make another rearrangement: the cage should be against the wall, but not on the window, and in a sufficiently lit place.

Measures to take for a pet’s healthy life in a flat

3. Be sure to spend more money every month

If you want to buy a dog or cat, it is better to look for an animal from a trusted breeder, and this is not cheap. If you take an animal from a shelter, then, of course, you will not have to pay for the purchase (but it would be nice to donate to volunteers anyway), but this will not save you from further expenses.

Monthly expenses will certainly increase: pets need good food, collars, leashes, a place to sleep on and toys. If you want to attend training classes or contact a zoo psychologist, you will have to pay for that too.

Both regular and unscheduled visits to the veterinarian are worth a lot. Everyone, including animals, get sick from time to time, but the treatment of pets does not cover the compulsory health insurance.

Moreover, it is quite likely you’ll have to buy new items after the old ones get destroyed by a full of energy puppy or kitten, items like furniture, shoes or textiles. If you are not at all ready for unexpected expenses and you have nowhere to wait for financial support, it may be better to postpone the animal.

4. The boundaries of the animal must be respected

Dogs and cats do not immediately become attached to their owner. Puppies bite painfully in the first months, kittens scratch. They usually become affectionate only closer to one year. In addition, each animal has its own character. It is impossible to guess how a puppy or kitten will grow up: he may turn out to be flexible or independent, calm or energetic, but in any case, they will have their own tastes and needs - this just needs to be accepted.

Not all animals like to sit on their owner’s lap, so don’t impose a "hug" on your pet: it has boundaries that should be respected if you want them to be happy. What we understand as an expression of love can be perceived by an animal as an attempt to restrict its movement, and lead to stress.

Moreover, the pet needs a place to feel calm in, so you might decide on acquiring a crate or setting up a whole intimate corner for them. If you have the opportunity, you can even opt for giving the pet a little room all to themselves, where they can sleep and rest in peace, without being disturbed by your guests or kids.

5. Each pet will have its own needs

It is impossible to predict what your pet will be like, but nevertheless, different breeds have their own characteristics - both psychological and physiological - and they should be taken into account in advance. Some, for example, better tolerate the abundant attention of small children, while others are loners by nature and cannot stand being in the company of people all the time; Someone will have a genetic tendency to certain diseases, and someone will need a mandatory strict diet.

So again, be sure to offer them an environment they will feel comfortable in. This being said, if you have a tiny one room flat, it might be better not to risk and forget about getting a dog, opting for smaller pets.

6. Improper training can harm your flat

The psyche of animals is complicated, so if you don't take the upbringing of a pet seriously enough, you can ruin the life of yourself and them. There are many subtleties in humane training and training of dogs and cats, so you have to do self-education, or even better - go to special courses.

Measures to take for a pet’s healthy life in a flat

For example, many owners unknowingly begin to calm down and pet an animal that is frightened of something, thereby only reinforcing the installation that what happened should be feared, like the sudden ring of a doorbell or phone.

That is why you might decide to give up on using the two mentioned above, and introduce these characteristic sounds little by little, louder and louder, until the pet feels calm enough to take them on a daily basis.

7. Make a plan for the next twenty years

If you want to have a dog, add fifteen years to your current age, if a cat - twenty. In the best case, you will be just that old when your pet is old and leaving this world.

Do you know what you will be doing all these years? Are you planning on moving to another flat? What if the owners don’t accept dogs? Are you thinking about having children? Can you be invited to work abroad? All these questions will have to be answered before you do the buying.

People give animals to a shelter or search for a new owner, because they did not take into account the future scenarios in advance. All this can turn into a tragedy for both the pet and the owners.

8. Prepare for multiple cleaning sessions per week

Pet hair is a common thing for dog or cat owners. Nowadays, thanks to the progress of science and technology, many have decided on acquiring a robotic vacuum. It is quite convenient, sucking in all the fur in the flat while the owners do something else, thus saving them time.

Still, there is an important thing to know - in order for it to clean every room in the flat, you need to get rid of the thresholds. Otherwise, he’ll just clean one room and get back to his charging spot.

All in all, any flat can be set up in a pet-friendly way. But did you know there are specialists who could help you find out more about the health of your pets? Visit this website and learn all you need to know right now, before getting your furry friend!

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