How to Confirm the Authenticity of Your Louboutins

Louboutins are one of the most recognizable designer shoe brands in the world. Their soaring arches, artistic designs, and iconic red bottoms are the epitome of high fashion. Even better, in addition to the quality craftsmanship, the recognizability of the red arches makes a powerful statement.


Unfortunately, counterfeiters love these shoes as much as the fashionistas of the world. Unless you're purchasing your pair directly from the Louboutin store or a partnered retailer, confirming authenticity is a must.

Here's what to look for when confirming that your Louboutins are legitimate.

Check the Stitching

One of the main reasons why Louboutins are so expensive is the attention to detail during the production process. The stitching on your shoes should be exquisite—closely knit with no missed stitches and straight, even lines.

Determining a fake by the stitching can be a challenge, especially to the untrained eye. Essentially, the stitching should be discreet and unnoticeable so that it doesn't detract from the design. You should barely notice the stitching unless you're looking for it.

Check the Certificate of Authenticity

Another way to confirm the authenticity of your Louboutins is to look for a certificate of authenticity. If your shoes come with a certificate of authenticity, they're probably fake. It may seem counterintuitive, but Louboutins never come with paperwork, and trusted retailers don't need to confirm their legitimacy.

If someone tries to sell you Louboutins with authentication paperwork, take your money and run.

Look at the Font

Another way to identify a fake Louboutin is by looking at the font on the sole of the shoe. The logo and font should be thick, rich, and deep gold with minimal spacing between letters. 

Again, a good fake can be difficult to detect, as many counterfeiters are skilled at replicating these visual elements. Compare photos of the font to confirmed authentic images of Louboutins online. The differences will be subtle. You may not notice much difference in the logo itself, but the “Paris” stamp underneath is simpler and easier to detect when something is amiss. 

Assess the Dust Bag

Louboutins come in a high-quality felt drawstring pouch with the label and Paris printed on the front. The stamp is sometimes off-center, as it isn't a mass-produced item. When creating a dust bag, many counterfeiters will opt for a more luxurious material, like faux satin. The logo should be a crisp, clear black that offers a bold contrast from the red underneath.

As with the shoes and box, the Christian Louboutin signature should be bold without being blurry. The letters on the logo are compact but shouldn't bleed into one another.

Examine the Red Sole

The iconic red sole is the feature that sets Loutboutins apart from the rest— but don't be fooled by the color alone. The red bottom should be real leather with a stamped logo that matches the size and typeface of the printed bag and internal stamp. It should also say “Made in Italy” on the bottom in addition to the Paris stamp on the inside of the shoe.

Take a close look at the edges, as this is where fakes are typically the most obvious. The seam should be tightly-knit into the shoe, with no puckers or cuts. The shoe should feel like one cohesive unit, rather than something that's been stitched together (even though it has been).

Consider the Curves

True Louboutins have elegant, sweeping curves. They're thin and deadly, not clunky and awkward. This is a subtle difference, but you can't unsee the difference once you see the comparison between a real heel and a fake. 

Trust Your Instincts

Finally, trust your instincts when buying your shoes second-hand or from a questionable shop. If it seems like the deal is too good to be true, it probably is. 

With these notable features, you can differentiate an authentic Christian Louboutin shoe from a fake to ensure you're getting the real deal.

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