4 Best Tips on How to Handle Your Silver and Gold Jewelry the Right Way

Your jewelry is among the most valuable items in your life as you tend to spend more money on acquiring them. This calls for keeping them safe to remain in perfect condition for a long period.

Gold and silver jewelry

There are best ways you need to know in which you can look after your jewelry the right way. Remember you wouldn’t want to lose the much money you invested in them due to failure of handling them well. Following are the best tips on how to handle your silver and gold jewelry the right way:

1. Put on Your Jewelry Last

When you are dressing up for work or going out, you should put on your jewelry last. Wondering why? Your dresses or clothes may damage your expensive earrings, bangles, or necklace as you wear them on.

The jewelry pieces may get stuck into your clothes, slip off, and fall hence getting damaged. Your makeup might contain harsh chemicals that can react with your jewelry and affect its look if it spills on them.

2. Remove Your Jewelry during Some activities

You need to remove your gold and silver jewellery pieces if you are going for some activities that may damage them. Some activities have abrasives or chemicals that can cause a reaction with your jewelry and damage them.

For example, if you are going swimming in the pool, you need to remove them because water has chlorine that can react with your jewelry. Or if you are going for sports, you can remove the jewelry because it can fall off and break due to the much force used during the activities.

3. Separately Store Your Pieces

Many jewelry pieces tend to get damaged if you store them in one place no matter how careful you are. This is why most expensive jewelry comes in specific casings where you need to keep them safe.

The pieces are normally damaged when they knock each other such as pearls, gemstones, precious metals plus silver and gold. You can get a jewelry tree for earrings and necklaces, clothes punch for vintage or precious items, and tarnish-resistant bags for your silver jewelry to keep them perfectly safe.

4. Clean Your Jewelry Pieces Before Storage

Dirt and dust tend to accumulate on your jewelry pieces as you move to and from the workplace or partying. If you store them with this dirt, it will react to their material and affect their great look.
Your makeup, cosmetics, and lotions also smear on the jewelry pieces as you wear them which calls for cleaning them off before storing your pieces. The makeup and lotions have harsh chemicals so you need to get a clean cloth and clean off the dust and any makeup on your jewelry.

You also need to check on the pieces regularly during storage to ensure they don’t have any damages that you may not have identified earlier. Or any dirt-stained on them.

Keep Your Jewelry Safe

Embrace the above tips and handle your gold and silver jewellery with care for it to last for a long period.

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