Tired of Wearing Mascara Every Day? Try DIY Eyelash Extensions!

Tired of Wearing Mascara Every Day? Try DIY Eyelash Extensions!

As a woman, and an everyday makeup wearer, sometimes my morning routine feels exhausting. If something can save me a few steps and minutes, I am totally in! If the same product can save me time on my evening skincare routine too, then I am a customer for life! One of these products for me is Lashify. They are an amazing woman-owned business that has changed my makeup routine and simplified my skincare routine. It has been a win-win. If you have ever considered eyelash extensions vs mascara, I highly recommend you keep reading below. We will talk about these incredible extensions and how they can change your beauty routine too.

Eyelash Extensions Made Effortless
Lashify lashes are some of the most revolutionary on the market and hold several patents for their technology. I have tried so many strip lashes, individuals, and clusters, and they can’t compare with these DIY eyelash extensions. Lashify lashes:

1. Deliver easy-to-use, damage-free lashes for all eye shapes.

2. Come in 7 different styles, 11 different colors, and 12 different lengths.

3. Use the patented Underlash™ technique.

4. Bond is a copolymer base and latex-free.

5. Can be worn when showering, swimming, or exercising.

6. Are weightless and have a virtually undetectable spine.

7. Have fibers that slowly disintegrate after several uses to prevent natural lash damage.

You can apply to last for one day or several days, depending on the bond you choose. They are easy to remove and cut down on my nightly skincare routine because I don’t have to take time to remove all that mascara. One of my least favorite steps when I am cleansing my face. In the contest of lash extensions or mascara, there is no competition.

Easy Peasy Application
After a few practice applications, you will feel like an eyelash extension pro. The application technique and handling of the wand are quick to learn, and there are several video tutorials and step-by-step instructions. My favorite are the ‘Lashify Educators’ who teach on Instagram Live. They have been great for tips and tricks. I love a company that doesn’t just provide a great product, but also provides excellent customer service.  Lashify knows it is important for their customers to feel comfortable using their products. No one wants to be left in the dark when learning how to use a beauty product!

Dump That Mascara In the Trash!
Throw it away and forget that you ever needed it. Once you give Lashify a try, I guarantee you will never go back. Their company is taking the beauty industry by storm. They are providing a product that has been missing for way too long. With a strong belief in equality, fierce women, and people of all colors, their goal is for all women to control their own beauty without compromise. I love that mantra! Stop debating if lash extensions or mascara are the right choice for you. I can just picture you looking in the mirror after the first lash application and wondering why you hadn’t tried these sooner!

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