Popular Clothing Trends for Tweens

As most of us will remember from our own childhoods, how we dress can feel very important in terms of how we relate to others. Most of us want to create a great impression with our clothing; kids are no different: In fact, many kids can put a greater importance on clothing styles than adults!

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Why Having Good Clothing Is Important to Kids
This is especially true for many kids around the age of 11 or 12. At this time of life, fashion is a very big deal. This is after all an age in which friendships are highly valued; the "tween" years are when kids really begin to take their social cues from the world around them. To wit, most tweens want to dress to impress.

And they're right to do so: Clothing is often the means by which we communicate our identity and interests to others. Moreover, we have to bear in mind that most kids have spent the better part of the last two years indoors and away from their friends. They'll want to make their clothes really stand out when they get back to the classroom.

Finding Great Styles
Fortunately, we live at a time when finding great deals on fashionable clothing is easier than ever. At the click of a button, most parents can help their kids find very cool clothes at great price-points. So what styles are the tweens of today wearing? What clothing styles will make them happy?

As you might expect, fashion is a kind of circular phenomenon in which trends tend to be recycled every 15 to 20 years. Right now, for example, many baby girl clothing and tween clothing designers are looking back to the early 2000s for inspiration. The "Y2K" era was a time when extreme sports and optimistic music styles were incredibly popular; as they often do, clothing styles tended to follow suit. Over the next few months, expect tweens to look for bright colors and relaxing fits in the Y2K style as they learn to forge their own unique approach to retro fashion.

Sporty Styles Are Back
Sporty styles are definitely "in" right now with today's kids: With skateboarding making a splash at the Summer Olympics this year, you can be sure that skater styles will be very hip this fall when kids head back to school. A relaxed athletic style of clothing defined by t-shirts, comfy trousers, and sporty sneakers will definitely be a very defining look in autumn.

Tweens also tend to be very influenced by the pop culture of their time and often look to music and film stars as role models. Right now, many kids are breaking with tradition to cultivate an extremely relaxed look with their clothing in imitation of some of their favorite singers and actors. Comfy sweatshirts and cargo pants are often regarded as "cool" among today's kids; and cultivating an air of relaxation and self-confidence has taken the place of flashiness.

Fortunately, these simple styles will make it easier for today's parents to find great deals on clothes for the school year!

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