3 Popular Types of Wristwatches Every Man Should Own

Buying and picking a watch can be a tricky thing if you are new to watches or lack knowledge in this area. It is a lot harder when you have so many different brands, so many variants and designs that might make you overwhelmed for choosing the one that will suit you best.

It is ideal to have few watches in your collection you can wear for different situations. Unless you think otherwise, you can choose the one that can go well with every outfit and wear it every day. Different wristwatches are designed for different occasions and events. That’s why you need to consider getting more than one watch different in design and nature.

Read this article to find out which 3 designs every man should own if he wants a bigger collection and combine them with different outfits. There are many types of watches, but these 3 stand out as the most common and popular today and they don’t refer to specific watches or brands, but rather a type of watch you can wear.

Dress Watch

A dress watch isn’t only meant to be worn when attending formal events and occasions. Its purpose is to add value to your overall outfit and add value to your style, making you look more luxe.

This type of watch is usually very thin and sits well under the cuff. It tends to be most ideal when wearing a suit. Dress watches mostly appear as stainless steel, silver, gold and you can find many collections online. If you aren’t much of a fan of such a material for a dress watch, these collections of silver watches might change your mind.

A dress watch can look perfect when combined with some nice metal bracelets. You should also take a look at many leather collections for your new dress watch.

Diver Watch

As the name says, diver watches were designed for people who spend more time around water. The functionality that these types have is what makes them special. Despite the many features they have, being waterproof and outstand underwater pressure is what makes them unique for their characteristics when being compared to other types of wristwatches.

If you are a water sports enthusiast, get yourself one to fit your activities and don’t doubt wearing it for some special occasions, since its design doesn’t differ much from the dress one

Field watch

These might be more popular for a field years ago but are now very popular since their design allow you to wear a light version of a watch. Designed with canvas straps that are easy to wear at any temperature and be changed quickly is what makes them comfortable for the wearer.

Although their main purpose is for outdoor activities, these types of watches are finding their place in fashion as well.

Now that we have mentioned the most common types of men's watches to wear, you probably thought of many other designs, like GMT and Chronograph. We should not forget about the new trend going on lately in technology innovations, and mention the sports and smart watches, tracking some health results and taking care of your lifestyle.

You should not limit yourself and wear only one of these types for one specific occasion. Try wearing a diver watch or field watch as your everyday watch, just make sure you choose the design that suits your best.

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