Style Reinvention: Ways to Give Your Wardrobe a Style Boost

Think about the Hollywood style icons you like most - what do they all have that gives a unique touch to their red carpet outfits? Is it the long, sparkly gowns, high-heeled shoes, or the gold and glittery details? To tell you the truth, every part of their look plays an important role in their overall style. That is why it is not surprising why we put so much attention to every little detail of their unparalleled allure.

The good news is, there is a way to upgrade your style without spending a dollar more in just a few minutes or an hour. This is perfect for women who overthink about replacing their entire wardrobe but don’t have spare cash to spend on new clothes. There is a way to enhance your look without popping into the store. In fact, you can easily integrate your clothes using items you already have at home. 


If you’re sick and tired of wearing the same clothes, there is no need to splurge hundreds of dollars for something brand-new. All you need is a dash of creativity and a few materials to upgrade your old style pieces. Here are some suggestions to give your boring wardrobe a fashionable boost! Follow these ideas to look completely fresh and new!

Reinvent old clothes
A closet filled with clothes in the same style or color certainly sounds boring. But why not bring life back to those old tops, blouses, shirts before they officially go out of style? Put your art skills to good use by creating tie-dye designs. The tie-dye technique adds a burst of color to your shirt with bright, playful colors, groovy swirls, and other unique patterns. The finished product can be a great summer outfit for your next beach trip!

Speaking about summer, you will need any piece of clothing that will not make you sweat all over. Summer is a great way to ditch jackets and showcase airy and light clothes. But instead of shopping for the latest summer pieces, why not turn your winter shawl into a cool summer outfit? Not convinced? A shawl is a very versatile piece that will let you create any clothing, such as a summer skirt, chic dress, or a cool top.

If you want to take your creativity to the next level, why not try sewing? Turn your old, boring jeans by restyling them. Jeans are another versatile clothing you can upgrade by adding colorful patches, no-sew studs, fabric paint, or tie-dye. For those with long, baggy hems, you can try a quick roll and tuck for a fashionable flair. You can also cut the jeans whichever part you like by adding a fresh detail to their silhouette.

Accessorize your outfit
There will come a moment when you have to decide which type of detail you will need to complete a certain look. Adding a few accessories can transform your style dramatically by turning it into something unique and personal. A piece of statement jewelry can do its magic by giving your outfit the final touch you need. It can be a patterned scarf, dangling earrings, or stackable rings.
But accessorizing also comes with its own rules. You might end up looking too flashy or unsophisticated with plenty of statement pieces around your body. As much as possible, make sure every accessory will complement the rest of your sparkles.

For example, you can use belts for added embellishment or something to define your waistline. It can be a chunky gold chain or a narrow belt for a more polished look.

Hair accessories are also a unique way to showcase your style. In fact, wearing hair accessories is not just for teen girls. For women in their twenties, you can swap the boring hair tie for pastel-colored silk scrunchies.

Inspect your closet
There is a great chance you are just wearing 20% of your entire wardrobe. If this is the case, it's about time to reevaluate your closet and the clothes you wear. Start by rediscovering the clothes you haven’t worn for a while by inspecting every hanger and folded clothes. You probably forget those old jeans you bought a month ago or the summer dress you left in your luggage.
Instead of going to the mall, shopping within your closet is a great way to get a newer perspective about your style choices. Not only will it save you a lot of money, but you will also learn how to transform old clothes in unique ways.

Every fashion-forward individual wants to wear clothes according to the latest fashion trends. Some even choose to stand out by trying bold and unique looks. Whether you rely on a skilled tailor or your DIY skills, there are plenty of ways to upgrade your look without buying fresh clothes. After all, fashion is all about knowing how to recycle and reuse fashionable pieces.

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