The Top 5 Salon Hairstyling Secrets

A hairstyle change can make a world of a difference in your appearance. Professionals know every trick in the book to make your hair look amazing, and in this article, we’ve brought you a valuable sneak-peak into their golden arsenal of hair styling tips.

Hair styling

Discover the top salon hairstyling secrets that can elevate your home haircare routine to professional standards. This article provides insider tips for everyday hair maintenance and styling, emphasizing the importance of regular touch-ups and the right tools for achieving salon-quality results. It also underlines the expertise of the best hair color specialist to maintain the perfect shade and health of your hair.

Here are the 5 secrets to help you create salon-level hairdos at home. Let’s get started!

1. You can totally shampoo every day

The no-shampoo movement is huge, and it’s only getting bigger. However, shampooing your hair daily is completely fine, and that’s especially true for the oily hair folks out there. These days, shampoos have evolved to be gentle enough for daily use. 

But the real haircare villains are curling irons, flatirons, straighteners, and blowdryers—they’re the ones dealing the most long-term damage to your hair health. So feel free to shampoo your hair daily if it’s naturally super oily—just go easy on the heat products and let your hair air-dry.

2. The dirtier it is, the easier it is to style  

Contrary to popular belief, stylists actually prefer if you have your updo appointment without a hair wash in the morning. So, if you’ve got a big event at night and want a fancy hairdo, skip washing your hair. It’ll make it easier for hairdressers (or you) to mold it into a chic chignon or a French twist!

3. Get regular color touch-ups

If you’ve been skipping weeks for your color touch-ups ‘to minimize damage,’ you may be surprised to read this part. Turns out, you can actually prevent unnecessary damage by getting your hair color touched up regularly (about once a month). If you’re gonna get it colored sooner or later, it’s best to be on schedule with your appointments. If you wait too long, your stylist may have to dye your whole head to address color fading issues. With regular touch-ups, damage can hence be reduced.

By any chance, if you need a haircut or a color touch-up in Sydney, the professionals over at Lily Jackson Hair & Makeup would be definitely worth a visit.

4. Velcro-roll your way to runway looks

If you want some genuinely appealing hair texture, it’s time to try out velcro rollers. While naturally dead straight hair can be quite difficult to roll sometimes, stylists have found a way around it. Spritzing straight hair with a hold hairspray, and curling ironing it before rolling it onto velcro rollers works just fine! It provides your hair with the grip it needs, and once you take those rollers out, you’ll experience rich hair volume like never before!

5. Buns are cool, especially when they’re loose

Who says updos should only be limited to New Year’s Eve, prom, or a wedding? A casual updo can be one of the quickest ways to pull a fancy look together. Finger-comb your hair into a disheveled bun to start with, and attach with bobby pins or a ponytail holder—and voila, minimum effort, maximum efficiency!

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