Dentist, Falmouth ME: Take Care of Your Teeth before it is Too Late

There is an age-old proverb, which says ‘We never know the worth of water till the well is dry. If we are to look into it, it is aptly applicable for our teeth. As long as our teeth are healthy and functioning, we have no idea how painful tooth problems are.


We, the humans are blessed to have a second chance at this opportunity. It is a known fact that we, as babies, have primary teeth, which then fall out at around five to six years of age, giving way for the permanent teeth.

Oral Hygiene
It would be not overkill to say that a healthy body is primarily dependent on oral hygiene. By definition, oral hygiene is the routine of cleaning the mouth and teeth so that any kind of dental diseases and decay are kept at bay. The practice of oral hygiene is a combination of personal routine and professional help.

While on the personal front, regular brushing twice daily and flossing forms the primary wall of defense, the other way oral hygiene can be secured is to get professional help at a regular frequency. While brushing is important, another area in the mouth that must be taken care of is the tongue, which also adds up in maintaining oral health.

The most common way for professionals to help us with our oral hygiene is scaling. Scaling is the prevalent practice of removing and loosening various kinds of deposits and plaques from our teeth.

Oral and dental diseases can still creep in despite following regular hygiene practices. This is where dentists’ help comes into play. However, it should not be concluded that only when one faces issues should one visit a dentist. Regular visits are mandatory for the good upkeep of oral and dental health.

Historically, a visit to ones’ dentist has been a traumatizing experience. However, modern dental medicine has evolved largely and dental clinics like Casco Bay Smiles provide quite a comfortable experience to the patients and visitors.

The role of dentists is not bound in healing toothaches and gum problems. They have branched out to various other areas of oral care and treatments. Dentists nowadays also venture out to maxillofacial surgeries for not only cosmetic purposes but also for other diseases and radiation therapies. This whole practice of maxillofacial treatments has several other areas like medicine, orthopedics, anesthetics, periodontics, etc.

A dental surgeon also specializes in another sector of tooth implants and false teeth. Due to age, deformity, or any unfortunate accidents, many lose or damage their teeth. Dentists come to our rescue in such dire situations and help us
with appliances like a denture, braces, retainers, etc.

Dentistry comes with its own set of occupational hazards as well. Most of the tools used in oral treatment produce sounds and vibrations. Prolonged exposure to such sources can cause problems such as hearing loss or tinnitus. Nowadays most dental medicine practitioners use ear protectors for their audio safety.

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