5 Reasons Why In-Person Shopping Makes You Feel Good

Most people love shopping and the truth is, it can be downright therapeutic. Buying something new makes you feel happy and many times, there's as much joy in the thrill of the hunt as there is when you find the perfect item. If you wondered why you always feel so good when you go shopping, it's not your imagination, but something that's experienced by many people. Here are five reasons why in-person shopping makes you feel good. 


1. Invigorating to the Senses

There are many types of shopping, from farmer's markets to malls to the exotic shopping you'll find on exciting cruises from Miami. While each is distinct, the one thing they all have in common is that they're invigorating to the senses. Shopping is a truly sensory experience where you're positively impacted by sights, sounds and scents.

Shoppers are met with brightly-colored clothing, sparkling jewelry and robust market produce. They also get to experience the heavenly scents of perfumes, bakeries and restaurants. The sounds of conversation and laughter also add to the experience which simply can't be duplicated by online shopping.

2. Instantly Gratifying

Another benefit of in-person shopping is that it's instantly gratifying. When you've had your heart set on a pair of shoes or an item of clothing, buying it in person lets you enjoy it the very same day. With online buying, you're more likely to spend hours pouring over online reviews and having to second-guess which size is right. Plus, buying in-person saves you on shipping costs and is easier to return if you decide you're not happy with your purchase. Of course, that feeling of satisfaction can be very addicting, so it's important to know the difference between a planned purchase and impulse buying and not go overboard.

3. Good Exercise

Going out for a day of shopping is excellent exercise. If you find this hard to believe, put on a pedometer before you head out. You're likely to put in all the steps you need and more during your trip. When you take into consideration all the stairs you climb, all the aisles you go up and down and the store you had to go back to for that amazing shirt you saw, you've put in a massive amount of walking time. If you're carrying around heavy bags or pushing a cart, add in even more calorie burn. This is why people say they shop until they drop, so make sure you wear comfortable shoes!

4. Opportunity To Get Social

For many people, the act of shopping isn't so much about making purchases as it is for the benefits of social interaction. Shopping is the perfect backdrop to catch up with friends and loved ones, especially when you make it an all-day event. There's a certain comfort in knowing that you've got the entire day to pal around with somebody special in a fun atmosphere like a mall. Shopping centers also offer plenty of eating options and entertainment that make a day of shopping even more fun.

5. Boosts Your Mood

Have you ever noticed how good you feel when you return from a day of shopping? That's because shopping boosts your mood and it's not all about your purchases. Think about how shopping makes you feel during the holiday season. Crowds aside, you know that warm feeling you get when you see Christmas lights, decorations, toys and baked goods. You're flooded with memories and nostalgia of years past. Moreover, it's a shared experience when you're surrounded by other shoppers in a similar state of mind. Seeing all those sparkly new things, even if you just purchase something small, can boost your mood for days. 

If you've got no plans for the coming weekend, a shopping trip is a great way to stay entertained. Besides lifting your mood, it's an opportunity to have fun with friends, get some good exercise and buy yourself something nice, too.

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