Colors in Fashion: Meanings and Representations

In fashion, color is considered one of the most essential designs. Some would even claim that color is the most important design of all. Making a subconscious assessment of one’s environment or a product is natural especially within the first 90 seconds of viewing. Between 60% to 90% of the assessment made is based on the colors present. Therefore, color makes a significant impact on fashion because it is one of the elements that capture people’s attention and interest.


As a result, a lot of fashion designers seek to incorporate different color schemes based on set themes and motifs. Colors can help deliver a message, express emotions, and even influence perspectives. The use of colors always has a significant impact on fashion regardless of whether colors have been used intentionally or not. Color strategies help express values and spur emotions. Therefore, color plays a very important role in fashion. Let us delve deeper into how colors influence fashion designs.

Color Psychology
Different people have different perceptions of color. However, colors can have a universal psychological effect on people. For instance, warm colors like orange, yellow, and red evoke feelings of comfort and warmth or even feelings of hostility and anger. Cool colors such as purple, green, and blue are often associated with tranquility and peace but can also be used to depict indifference or sadness.

Therefore, colors in fashion need to be used effectively especially if you are trying to make a statement. You might never have given much thought to the color schemes you incorporate in your outfits every day, but the fact remains that you are sending some kind of message albeit unconsciously.
If you feel happy and want to exude happiness, you can choose to wear clothes that have bright and cheerful colors. You can also make use of accessories to improve your outfit. You can choose multi-colored accessories such as bangles, bracelets, stackable silicone rings, necklaces, and earrings to make your outfits more interesting. Headbands, clips, and even hats can also change the impact of your outfit depending on the color schemes you choose. 

Culture and Color
Colors have a significant impact based on a cultural standpoint. Since culture is an important element of society, it is important to consider how colors influence society. Colors are not only used in fashion. Colors can also be used in politics, religion, sports, and can even represent different organizations. ;
In fashion, colors can be used to represent different cultures. Different people who come from different cultures use specific color strategies to communicate different things. For example, in some cultures, black represents death and sorrow. However, other cultures believe that white is the color that best represents death. Therefore, color strategies need to be properly examined in the fashion industry so that there will be no confusion in terms of the messages that are being conveyed through the use of colors.

Color Trends
Every year, a different color is recognized as the color of the year. In the fashion industry, the color of the year serves as the foundation for determining the themes that will be created to determine the trends for every season in fashion. Every fashion designer must efficiently incorporate the color of the year into their chosen themes to make their designs more effective.
People also rely on color trends to determine what clothes they can wear and what clothes they need to buy. Although it might take a lot of effort and considerations, adhering to the color scheme every year is believed to bring good luck to people. Therefore, most people believe that supporting the color of the year will help bring prosperity to their lives. 

Intentional and Bold
The use of colors in fashion is often intentional. Different color schemes and color strategies are employed to make sure that the use of colors will achieve exactly what fashion designers want them to achieve. Sending a message, evoking an emotion, and even influencing a perspective are some things that the strategic use of colors can achieve. Therefore, it is better if the use of colors in fashion is intentional. 

Since fashion is mostly about pleasing an audience and presenting beauty and art, it is best to understand the impacts and influence of different color schemes. Fashion can invoke different feelings in people and the use of colors is one of the factors that help make this possible. When it comes to deciding about the colors you want to wear, you must always subject your decisions to careful consideration. After all, you don’t want to give the wrong impression or send the wrong message. You will find that having adequate knowledge about the power and influence of colors will make fashion more fun and exciting.

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