Differences between a thesis and a dissertation

Thesis and Dissertation are two words that are used interchangeably because there is no big difference between the both of them. Thesis are written by master degree students to show their research capabilities before they leave school and dissertations are written by doctorate degree students to show understanding of their field of study before they obtain their certificates. However, thesis and dissertations are written as part of degree requirements for graduate programmes and both of them must be written with maximum focus and care. Hence, in this article a writing enthusiast from wiseessays.com, a writing agency that offers solutions to all writing needs, will offer some tips for an excellent thesis or dissertation.


  1. Obtain relevant information on the topic

To write a good thesis and dissertation, you need to obtain sufficient information about the topic through proper research. During your research time, make Google your best friend and obtain all the relevant journals, papers, publications and magazines that concern the subject matter. Also, pay a visit to the local library and scrutinize textbooks carefully to get enough useful information. Obtaining sufficient information on the topic will supply all the ideas, knowledge and thoughts needed to write a good thesis or dissertation.

  1. Limit your topic

From the materials you obtained, select and use only materials that contain specific information about the subject matter. Also, limit your topic by focusing on the materials that contain specific information and avoid broadening your topic so that you do not completely drift away from the objectives of the thesis or dissertation.

  1. Brainstorm aggressively

Brainstorming subconsciously releases ideas and thoughts needed to make the paper more appealing. Hence, if you find it difficult to put down meaningful ideas when writing a thesis or dissertation, brainstorm aggressively. Right out everything you know about the topic and draw a connection from there. In the process, you will be surprised that ideas will begin to flow naturally.

  1. Write your essays in sections

Every essay has standard principles that must be followed and in thesis or dissertation writing, essays are broken into sections.     A thesis or dissertation must contain an abstract, literature review, methodology, results/discussion and conclusion. Hence, break up your essay into sections to show proper organization. Also, you can consult past thesis or dissertations in your field of study to guide you immensely.

  1. Do not rely on your advisors

Students are normally given an advisor during their thesis or dissertation project. However as a student to complete the work on time, do not rely on your advisors. Most advisors are not good at their jobs and may not even have time to attain you. Moreover, while most of them may be willing to help, one mistake in your work may require a correction that you can only get in another meeting which takes time to schedule. Hence, do not rely on your advisors before making serious progress in your thesis or dissertation; rather meet with them only when you have a set-out agenda to avoid wasting insufficient time.

  1. Look for inspiration

Honestly, writing a thesis or dissertation requires a serious level of determination and passion. However, there are days you will become very lazy in accomplishing the task at hand. To gear up for work, do things that will motivate and inspire you. You can see a movie to get excited, you can go to the gym to power up your brain or you can even play some games to sharpen your mind. No matter the one you choose, words will start flowing into sentences when you are excited and you will complete the task on time.

  1. Do not follow the thesis order

Like earlier stated, every thesis has an order but if you wish to write a thesis or dissertation, do not follow that order. For instance, your abstract is a brief of the entire essay and if you end up writing it first, you will provide insufficient information about the contents of the entire paper. However, you can start with your literature review by reviewing the work done by others in your field of study. Thereafter, you draft out your methodology with your results and conclusion coming next. From the details of your result, you can draw out an abstract that is appealing and captivating.

  1. Write at a go for a maximum of 45 minutes

Maximum concentration is required when writing a thesis or dissertation and to avoid losing focus when your brain starts tiring, write at a go for less than 45 minutes and take short breaks in between each session to energize and refuel your brain.

In summary, writing a thesis or dissertation is not a task that is very difficult and you can apply the tips provided in this article to deliver an excellent job. Also, do not fail to proofread your work for errors before sending it out. Nevertheless, writing agencies like wiseessays are always available to deliver top-notch essays when you need their services.

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