Why nobody blogs about the sneaker proxy market

The Internet is not a stranger to interesting money-making opportunities. The volatile nature of the web often scatters unique chances to earn money. Some of them can be short-lived and only benefit the pioneers, while others can bring stable albeit smaller income. This time we will talk about the sneaker proxy market. Its unique, somewhat unfriendly, and unusual environment makes finding the best proxy provider a real struggle. Read more if you are interested in earning money by copping sneakers online.

Why nobody blogs about the sneaker proxy market

A true sneakerhead knows the excitement when a big limited sneaker drop is on the horizon. It is a process that has a lot of luck involved due to limited requests sent to a server. Getting a single pair is already an achievement, but that is because serious buyers use sneaker proxies to get a significant advantage.

How proxies help us cop sneakers?

Residential sneaker proxies are very valuable due to their ability to mask your IP and generate a massive hit. Bombarding the website with many requests and proxies is very advantageous. It is a great way to get multiple pairs of sneakers for reselling. The winners of these sneaker drops earn a lot of money based on the demand for copped sneakers.

Sneaker copping might seem like easy work but the amount of knowledge required to outbuy the competition and resell at the best price possible price is staggering. Also, because the community is not fond of beginners, finding respectable information can be difficult.

How can you learn about the sneaker proxy market?

The sneaker proxy market is shrouded in a lot of secrecy. Although it is already a multi-million-dollar industry, its beneficiaries are very sensitive about additional public exposure. Dedicated sneakerheads share their knowledge only in Discord servers, private Telegram groups, and paid Twitter accounts. Seeking out these communities will give you all the necessary information for sneaker coping, but it might be hard to understand without basic knowledge on proxies. You can visit PrivateProxy to learn about datacenter proxies.

How to choose and properly use a sneaker proxy?

Never use free proxies

A free proxy can be a very appealing idea to a beginner proxy user. Trying out the service without paying might seem relatively harmless, but free proxies are slow and dangerous. Not only will you not succeed in copping any pairs, hackers that usually run public proxies can steal and exploit your personal information. 

A paid proxy from a legitimate provider is the only way you can successfully get shoes from limited drops. Connecting and sending your personal information via public proxy is the worst mistake a beginner can make. Even in a best-case scenario, your free public proxy will not be fast enough to cop any sneakers. Avoiding these proxies altogether is generally a good idea.

Get proxies for every used account

The whole point of sneaker proxies is to mask your real IP address and imitate traffic from all over the world. Retailers are aware of unusual behavior on their website during a cop and multiple requests from a different account, but the same IP address will get you banned.

If every account you use has a proxy attached to it, the website will only see a natural income of traffic from different locations. With multiple unrecognizable accounts, you will have a much better chance to get many pairs of sneakers.

Use rotating proxies to maintain efficiency

Even when we use proxies to distance ourselves from user accounts, too many requests from the same IP address can still get you blacklisted by the retailer. In this case, experienced traders use rotating sneaker proxies to send every request from a different address. This method helps to maintain the best copping efficiency without the need to slow down to avoid bans.

Automate your copping with proxies and sneaker bots

With a solid combination of multiple accounts, rotating proxies, and sneaker bots, experienced sneakerheads automate copping to reach the highest level of productivity. A computer will always be faster and more efficient in executing purchases, especially with multiple accounts working simultaneously.

However, extremely efficient bots get recognized due to too many requests sent to a server over a short time. Finding a perfect rate limit that will not overwhelm the server is necessary for stable and continuous copping.

Use the best proxy locations

All the tips that we discussed focus on increasing the speed of copping. Finding appropriate locations based on the drop you plan to hit can slightly increase your chances of getting more sneakers. This might not be a big one, but in a ruthless sneaker business, we take all advantages we can get.

Sneaker proxies are a necessary tool for successful copping, but the intricacies of sneaker reselling is a whole different beast. Even though it is a big industry, nobody is blogging about it because it's still too valuable to share this information. Sneakerheads do not want additional attention, so those who are interested in reselling sneakers will have to dig a bit deeper to find credible information.

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