Lip Fillers on Your List of Must-Try Modern Cosmetic Treatments

There are many treatments available for you to try in today’s dermatology clinics. These centers have so many solutions for facial and body changes, improvements and augmentations, that it can get a little overwhelming when you’re choosing what you want. Keep in mind, that cosmetic centers do have their own beauty concierges, who are individuals with expert knowledge on all things beauty and cosmetics.

Lip fillers

If there is anyone who can give you all the best recommendations, it would be them. But there is one other person whose opinion and decision matters the most: you. Why wait to see what other people say about your appearance and what you should change, when you can decide for yourself beforehand? And all the treatments here from Botox to lip fillers NYC, LA and other big cities will definitely have. 

If you want to work with the best, consider looking in your closest major metropolitan area. And if you already live in one: congrats, you have fewer things to worry about when choosing what treatment and which practitioner.

1. Botox

You’ll see this one in the first place of many lists and make no mistake: it deserves to be there. Botox has been used for cosmetic treatments and facial rejuvenation for two decades, since it was first approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

Since then, thousands of people every year are treated with the compound and are astonished with the results. Botox works its magic like no other compound in the industry. The special botulinum toxin, the official medical name of the compound, is injected into very specific areas of the face. Once it is injected, it is able to numb certain nerves which are responsible for causing muscle contractions under the face, which are in turn responsible for the wrinkles and age marks on the surface.

When the muscle contractions stop, the skin is able to smooth out, without that artificial look that other treatments tend to have, where the face gets all puffy and looks plastic. 

And if this sounds dangerous, you have very little to worry about. In the hands of a trained and qualified practitioner, there is very little that you can label as “dangerous”. The compound itself, when misused, could be harmful, but with the amount that is being injected, it doesn’t post any threat. Rarely do mistakes ever happen with Botox and when they do, they’re easily correctable.

2. Lip Fillers

While Botox takes care of the general appearance and youth of your face, lip fillers focus on a more specific detail. Lips are among the most visible and noticeable parts of the face. From wide lips, to narrow ones, lips of different colors and shapes; they can all be equally as attractive.

But a staple of modern trends for many decades now has been thick, plump lips. While many people find a lot of beauty in having thin lips, the plumper ones are still very much in fashion. You can try to replicate them with a lot of makeup, but that’s only a temporary solution and it may not even look that good.

Instead you could go for lip fillers, which can last up to 8 months. This means you can get treated and won’t have to worry about it for over half a year. If you’re living with a very busy daily schedule, you don’t want to be going into cosmetic clinics every other week. Instead, try lip fillers, which offer a very short procedure, recovery time and long lasting effects. 

Not to mention how accessible they are. Among the many cities out there that have practitioners trained and experienced in lip fillers NYC, LA and Miami are just a few examples of where you can find the most cosmetic centers and best deals on the treatment.

3. Fraxel

If you’ve ever looked at skin from up close, whether through a microscope or just a very good mirror, you’ll see that it’s not an even surface. As it shouldn’t be. It’s not just a flat plane; there are ridges, bumps, edges and pores.

Unfortunately, years worth of constant damage can cause the unevenness of the skin to become more than just noticeable; it can be downright distracting and turn into a big problem.

While you can’t expect skin to be perfectly even and flat, having it be jagged and could also mean that it’s time for a little refresher. You can fix this by simply allowing your body to regenerate the damage and replace it with fresh, new skin cells, which are stronger, healthier, and of course, make the surface smooth.

The Fraxel laser is just one of the many skin resurfacing treatments out there. It’s widely used for treating wrinkles and uneven skin, but it works especially well against skin pigmentation, like sun damaged skin, which everyone experiences.

The laser pushes older, damaged skin cells out and replaces them with new ones. These new cells are a lot more fresh and help create a silky smooth surface. No more rough or coarse skin that’s gone through all sorts of wear and tear.

Only a Few Examples

Keep in mind: these are only three of the most interesting cosmetic treatments out there. There are a ton of others you can try out for yourself by visiting a local practitioner. But not just any practitioner.

Find a cosmetic center that knows what it’s doing. It’s easy to go with the first option that comes around. But if you actually put some time and effort into finding one that suits your needs and preferences, you’ll find the experience a lot more rewarding. Take for example NYC’s Skinly Aesthetics. They are among the best centers for cosmetic treatments in the city, yet are also one of the most accessible places on the map, in terms of location, booking and pricing models.

Even if NYC is too far from where you live, then try to find something similar in your local area.

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