London Fashion Week And its Journey to The Top

Whether you are into fashion or not, you must know what London fashion is all about. The shine and glimmer of the London Fashion Week never fail to catch everyone's attention. It is a part of one of the best four fashion weeks in the world. The week is a dream for anyone whose heart beats for fashion and design.

London Fashion Week in its initial year wasn't even half of what it is now. If you wish to know how London Fashion Week came climbed to the top, you are in the right place. Below, we have a brief history of the event.

London Fashion Week

The initial years

While the event looks entirely glorious now, it started small enough to fit within a car park. It all began in 1983, when the London Fashion Week was birthed by the British Fashion Council. The council was formed in 1983 as a body that wished to promote British designs. The very first LFW found its location to be the Commonwealth Institute's car park in Kensington.

With the venue in mind, you can guess how small the audience might be. There were only 25 designers who came to display their collections, and only 15 scheduled presentations. However, no matter how small beginnings are, they are never insignificant. The first LFW stood as proof of its upcoming success, which the British government realized. Consequently, the government decided to fund the event to up its scale.

That is how London Fashion Week started its journey. It was difficult for fashion week to set its base because there were already several other successful fashion weeks in existence. Despite that, the LFW never once gave up, and you can see how that turned out.

The recent years

From the initial year to recent years, a lot has changed for the London Fashion Week. Firstly, they now have a set venue where most of their shows are held; it is The Store X on the Strand in London. Secondly, there has been an increase in the number of designers. Last year witnessed 250 designers, showcasing their beautiful collections to the public. Thirdly, due to the increase in designers, there were 72 scheduled presentations for the event in 2020.

Throughout recent decades, the LFW has grown and expanded at an incredible pace. People from all over the world look forward to the event. Newspapers and other media outlets are always seeking to publish whatever information they can get regarding the event, as the public absolutelyadore it. Designers have gotten more experimental over time; each year, they have something new to present.

If you think the pandemic has stopped the LFW in 2021, you’re wrong! The event is set to return in February, accommodating all the covid-19 restrictions. The organisers have shifted the sale of tickets, as well as the sale of the collections online. There will also be an online screening of the event for people to watch, while maintaining social distance. From the information we have gathered from the Betway casino survey, a wide set audiences are waiting for the event to return!

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