Four tips to travel like the jet set

You might not have the budget to sit in the VIP lounge and fly first class, but you can still add a bit of luxury to your travel for a boujie airport experience, even if sat in economy. If living a luxurious lifestyle on a lower budget is something you aspire to, read on for four tips for traveling like the jet set without breaking the bank.


Fly in style

When commercial airlines first opened to the public in the 1950s and 60s, flying was seen as a luxury experience and an opportunity to dress up – men wore suits and women wore heels. However – and, some might add, unfortunately – as air travel has become more common in the intervening years, so too has a more relaxed airport dress code taken hold. Now, it is common to see people traveling in sweat pants, sloppy hoodies, and sometimes even pajamas. Bring some glamor back to airport dressing by carefully considering your outfit. You don’t even have to go overly formal: a stylish tracksuit or luxury loungewear set will ensure that you are both chic and comfy.

Reserve your parking space

With so many travelers coming and going at the airport, finding a parking space can quickly become a challenge, and you might end up parking a great distance away from your terminal and having to run to make your flight. Eliminate the stress by reserving your parking lot ahead of time. Not only will you be able to choose your lot to ensure that it is placed in a convenient location, but it is often cost effective. For instance, a pre-booked Atlanta airport parking cost is cheaper than buying on the day.

Stock up on luxuries at duty free

One of the draws of the airport is the opportunity to indulge in some duty-free shopping in the stores in the departure lounge after you have gone through security. You can get some real bargains here, so why not stock up on a few luxuries, such as expensive aftershave or designer sunglasses, before you get on your airplane? However, don’t become too distracted by the shops and make sure that you keep an eye on the departures board. You might have scored a duty free bargain, but missing your flight will prove to be an expensive mistake.

Treat yourself to a meal at the airport

You might have a few hours to wait before your flight, or perhaps your flight has been delayed. Either way, you could decide to celebrate the start of your vacation by treating yourself to a meal at the airport. Departure lounges are usually home to several stylish chain restaurants, and by eating before your flight you can pass on the less-than-appetizing airplane food. You could even toast your travels with a glass of champagne or Prosecco, but make sure that you watch what you drink – the inflight air pressure heightens the level of alcohol in your blood stream.

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