How To Score On The Best Designer Handbags At The Best Price

Chances are you know that any designer bag will come with a high price tag. Whether it’s Chanel, Chloe, Gucci, or Fendi, you are surely going to find an endless supply from the best. However, it can be depressing knowing that one could cost an entire month's pay for some individuals or even unfathomable to say the least. For this, it may not be worth the investment.

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If you are one of those who have looked around, then you have surely seen many of the designer bags hardly go for less than retail. However, you will love that there are a few ways to score your own authentic designer bag and saving a ton of money in the process.

1. Verify The Serial Numbers 

When it comes to knowing if a designer bag is going to be real, you will know easily by the fact that they are all hand-made and will almost always include an individual serial number. They also may include signatures, microchipping, or even include the manufacturing date. By looking out for these details, you will know that you have the real deal.

2. Verify That The Color Is Actually One From The Designer

Black is the most common color for designer bags. However, designers do occasionally create bags in different colors that are considered “limited”. These limited styles are usually provided through a retailer or seasonally. You will be able to find out if different colors are available by calling a designer retail shop to express your interest. If they tell you that they don’t have any currently available, then you can find out the next time a color may become available.

3. Request Pictures From Online Sellers

If you decide to buy Chanel bags online or any other designer types, check that there are photos available and if you need more, then ask for them. This will ensure that the bag truly is available and possessed by them. These photos will also help you determine the designer bag’s authenticity. When making your photo request, be sure to ask for photos that would not be normally found through an online search, such as the interior, all sides, and any angle that would not be normally photographed.

4. Keep Details In Mind

If anything, keep the details of your bag in mind so you can compare the photos with photos of authentic bags. Verify that the designer logo is spot on and spelled correctly. You’ll be surprised with how the fakes easily make spelling errors. Make sure that the stitching is perfect and that the lining of the bag is correct. If anything, you should make a visit to a designer bag store location so you can study the details of the bag you are looking to buy. This way you will know what to look for in an authentic bag which makes it stand out from the fakes. While in the store, have the store rep tell you more about it. As long as the store is not busy then they should have no problem giving you more details.

5. Investigate Background Of Seller

Another thing that is good to do if you plan to buy Chanel bags online is to investigate the background of its seller. Check their history of selling items. Are their reviews positive or negative? Are there any complaints against them? It is always a good idea to remain suspicious if all they have are positive reviews. So if at all possible you are better off staying away from those sellers at all costs. Also, make sure to do business with sellers who are not new. If you do business with a new seller and see a huge amount of product moving in a short time-span, then that may be a red flag. If possible, give the seller a call directly in order to have your questions answered.

6. Have A Lot Of Patience

Patience is a virtue and it will really pay off if you do. This is especially true when you have a market that is full of fakes in almost every store that sells them. When it boils down to it, if the designer bag that you want is not available, then you are better off waiting until it becomes available again.

7. Expand Your Horizons

If your favorite color is black and the available color is red or green, you may want to grab one of those instead of waiting for one color that may never come around in a long time. Having a color that is different from what you wanted is no big deal if you will be happy with having one in the first place.

8. Don’t Think Authenticity Is Always Expensive

Keep in mind that if you can get a designer bag for cheap and it is authentic, then grab it as fast as you can. This does not mean they always have to be expensive in order to be had. You just get lucky and find one for a steal.

9. Request Email Notification

When you request email notification, you are added to the site’s list of contacts to notify when a sale, promotion or any other business occurs that involves the products that are sold by them. Plus, oftentimes a sale is provided for the entire site.

10. Take A Look At Any Sales They Offer

When you’re shopping around, try to take a look at any sales that they may hold. This goes with online sites too. If they do, then you can easily score a deal for a designer bag and some may be as much as 65% off.

11. Get Acquainted With The Designer’s Return Policy

Not all designers allow for returns, but if you are not sure, then you need to find out. If your bag is returnable, a tag will be attached and if it gets removed then it voids the bag’s return ability. Make sure to examine your bag closely to ensure that it is everything that you expected. If the retailer provides a way to buy back your bag, then take advantage of it if you feel unsatisfied.

12. Think About It

There is nothing that says you must buy it now. If you are not ready and need more time to decide, then hold off until you are ready or not. Depending on which site you visit, they may give you a few more minutes to hold it so you can be certain to buy it. At this time you can also continue to shop around to find the best price.

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