How to Look Good and Stylish Wearing a Face Mask

2020 has been a year of hope and patience, mixed with a lot of anxiety, stress, and caution. Many people have sacrificed a lot, from their jobs to their businesses, academics, travel, and time with their loved ones. Even as we all keep our fingers crossed for the newly approved vaccines to work successfully and bring things back to normal, one thing is for sure. Nothing is more effective in keeping the COVID-19 pandemic in control than social distancing and wearing a mask when out there mingling with the public.

This is perhaps why the U.S president-elect, Joe Biden, promises to encourage mask-wearing in what seems to be a nationwide campaign once he is sworn in come January 20th. Truth be told, however, wearing a mask is not the most pleasant of tasks. The wrong choice of face mask can easily mess up your entire look, whether you are going to work or running personal errands over the weekend. Nonetheless, the best thing is that you can always maintain your sense of fashion and personal style, even with this protective garment covering your nose and mouth. Here are some tips on how to look good and stylish, wearing a face mask.

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Choose the Right Face Mask

Needless to reiterate, you just can’t step out in any mask and expect to look elegant. To look good and stylish, you have to choose a face mask that blends well with your outfit and suits the occasion, all without compromising safety. The Best Face Mask should also guarantee you comfort and convenience, so you don’t have to keep taking it off to speak or take a break. Thanks to innovative brains, we now have face masks with earbuds and inbuilt mics that allow hands-free calls while still keeping you safe from the virus. In addition to innovative features, these masks feature a sleek and comfortable design that allows breathability and gentleness on your ears. We are a lucky generation to battle Covid-19 with innovative tech at our disposal.

Hair Care

Globally, the mask came to cover all over facial expressions. It seems as if the pandemic has converted us to medical professionals of sorts. With your nose and mouth covered, the hair is perhaps the most crucial element of beauty left on display. This means that it is very easy to spot bad hair from a mile away. To look good in the covid-19 pandemic times, it also means that your hair ought to be on point every time you step outside.
There are different ways you can make your "crown" stand out regardless of your hairstyle. As you experiment with different styles and hairdos, some viable options may include.

1. A headwrap matching your mask
2. Hair accessory to brighten your look
3. Dyed hair
4. Ponytail
5. Hair buns

Depending on your hairstyle, you can always find a way to look more attractive, even with the mask covering more than half of your face. Even in the middle of the pandemic, no one said you shouldn’t look good. Play around with various hairstyles and borrow some ideas from the internet.

The men cannot be left out either. They have various options when they visit the barber, depending on their sense of fashion and style. You cannot be left behind, because there is something for everyone.

Adjust Your Makeup

Memes have been making rounds on the internet about how ladies have their masks coated with makeup when they remove it. That hit a nerve, but ladies took a U-turn and dropped the foundation and lipstick. They picked their eye pencils, mascara, and eye shadows and took their eye game to the next level.

If you are a makeup enthusiast, the plastic face covers that incorporate a protective plastic face shield could be an excellent option for you. You can adopt a new makeup routine without stress. This specific piece can help ensure you are protected and still pulling your beauty stunts. If you have no access to that, put on the mask, and read on. There are several ways to ensure that you look even better with the mask on.

For instance, with the mask covering the lower part of the face, it is time to make sure that your peepers rock! Give your eyebrows a little more attention. Get them shaped and if you have a problem giving it the perfect finish, have them microbladed. You can still make heads turn even with half of your face tacked in the mask.

Also, the contact lens has off late made it to the "must-have" list of makeup even for men because with the mask on, all you can see on the face is the eye. You can have them in different colors to match your outfit.

Get Creative with Your Outfits

Style and fashion have been in existence from back in time. Our great grandparents rocked outfits that are slowly coming back to life in this time and age. The mask is primarily there to protect you, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that you should look boring when wearing one. All you have to do is keep it simple and sensible. Have fun with colors as you discover options of fashion sense as you maintain your style.

Get a mask that complements your complexion with matching outfits to get the elegance in every look. You will be attractive if you have attractive materials to make your mask. That means that a boring color like black will make you seem like a professional mourner. Get creative and rock!

Also, don’t forget that wearing clean and fresh-smelling clothes should be part and parcel of your overall look. Smelling good and fresh should be paramount if you want to remain relevant in looking good and stylish. After all, Covid-19 has taught us just how important it is to maintain a high level of hygiene and sanitation. You cannot look good on a dirty mask, and your chances of getting infected are high if you are careless with hygiene.

Finally, you could also have your mask customized with messages through which help you express yourself. And for the youngsters out there who cannot stand the doctor's look, they can have a bandana instead. Whichever the case, always ensure you have a face mask on when intermingling with the public. Don’t forget to maintain social and physical distancing, as well as the other coronavirus control measures such as washing your hands often!

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